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Hi ,my name is Nikki I've been in a relationship off an on for 12 yrs. Ive been through hell an back it's a very dysfunctional relationship, I'm always getting acussed of cheating, everything I do is no good, the verbal abuse I just got numb to it,he goes out an gets drunk an high which I know what it is, we finaly got a place to live after being homeless in a truck this winter,the point is I thought getting this apt would help with all the stress an it got worse, I'm in recovery doing my best an I'm just lost! No family to turn to! I can't afford my mind to go through this an if he goes I can't afford the apt!? Can I get some good sound advice? Lost in ct. And my mind heart.!
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Hi there.  Well, what kind of work do you do?  Are you currently employed?  Could you advertise for a roommate?  If you are not working, could you go on assistance (although that should be a SHORT term fix until you get on your feet)?  Do you belong to a church where people might help you?  
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