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problems in my marriege

I found a drafted text for  me in my husbands phone it said that he was not happy with me and he could not except raising another mans kids I have 2 and we have 1 on the way I asked him about it he said he wrote it when he was mad he didn`t mean it but it hurt me he have said that b4 I juct want you all`s input on it what u think??
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Wow that is a tough one.  I am going through a divorce and we had issues like this, I had a child when we entered the relationship, and after being married for years and having 3 kids together, he told me that he had never loved me and didn't want this life with me, and he only stayed with me because he would look like a loser leaving someone with a kid etc. anyhow it was a lot harder to hear it after 15 years of marriage then to accept it when it would have just been me and 2 kids or 3 kids. I feel like I wasted my younger years on him.  I would really think long and hard about how much you want to hear that going forward, and how much can you take as a person.  I know that it nearly killed me to hear it the way he stated it in the end.

good luck to you
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... even if he actually thought it, it's a mean and totally unnecessary thing to say, let alone put in writing. There's are names for insensitive jerks like him. One name that comes to mind is,  jack***.
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What you have described clearly is very upsetting and you are justified to feel hurt.  On the other hand, we have all said and done things that we regret and wish that we could take back.

But I wondered a few things...

How did you "find" the drafted text in your husbands phone?  You didnt say that things were not good between you and so I wondered if there are other things going on that you have not mentioned.

I am in the process of getting divorced, and when I started snooping around in my wife's personal items I knew it wasnt healthy and that things were bad.

If you did truly stumble across it by chance and there doesn't seem to be other problems that you are aware of, then perhaps it is time to start really talking to each other, perhaps go to a counselor.

Hopefully you can move past this.
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well there are no other problems that I know of, I did just kinda stumble accross it thanks u all 4 the advice
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