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Wean a dog off of Di Tan Tang for seizures

1 year ago, 15 year old, spayed, female, 21 lb yorkie/chihuahua;  she is possibly a deer head chihuahua, had a seizure after ingesting people food (raw organic hamburger that was cooked).   Not knowing if that was the cause or not, we took her to the vet emergency.  They only observed her since it was the first time she had a seizure.

She came home after 24 hours of no seizure.  That night she had another seizure and was brought back to the emergency room.  They gave her phenobarbitol, diazepam injections and keppra tablets.  

She came home after 24 hours of no seizure at the ER.   I now had to give her 2 doses of Keppra per day.

8 days later she went to her vet appointment and we decided to taper her off of the Keppra and also started her on Di Tan Tang.  Both meds were 2 times per day until we would actually start the taper.

13 days after the Vet visit, she had another seizure after eating chicken stock and hamburger with oinons and garlic.  No more people food for Honey!  She is strickly on Raw freeze-dried  food.

13 days later, she had a mild seizure...no falling over and no legs flailing about.  Just jaws open and slight slobbering.  I had grandchildren over and they kept dropping Panda Express on the floor. do not know if that would cause anything.

Continued with Keppra and Di Tan Tang 2X/day each for another 8 days.  Then took her Keppra down to 1/day  for 2 weeks.  Then she  went one day with no Keppra  and the next day she had a seizure.  This seizure was longer, but her disorientation was shorter.  Vet then said to go back to giving her Keppra for 30 days and we will re-evaluate.  So for the next 30 days she was taking Keppra 1/day and Di Tan Tang 2/day.

After the 30 days, I stopped the Keppra and just continued the Di Tan Tang 2/day.  This lasted for 114 days.  The vet then agreed to decrease the Di Tan Tang to 1/day.  She has been at this level for 89 days.

The vet is no longer there and the person that is answering my calls says I now must keep her on the meds because that is what is stopping the seizures.

This is why I'm reaching out to see if Honey can be weaned off of the Di Tan Tang or must she forever be on them?

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I am not familiar with Di Tan Tang, but researched it a little, and see it's a well respected mix for treating canine seizures. There is a Dr Wendy Ying who works treating dogs and horse. She makes house calls, but she is in Florida. I don't know where you are located.

Anyway, I was wondering if she may be able to advise you, perhaps by email or Zoom call or something?

Her website is at www.drwendyying.com
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Thank you, ginger899,  for answering my inquiry.  I'm in California, so Florida is just a little too far for me. : )   I will try to contact Dr. Ying.
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