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1 year old female Siberian Husky.

I bought my Husky about a year old this month and she has lived with me in Pennsylvania for her entire life until this past May when I moved back home to Baltimore. Since she has been home she has had problems with her hind legs. She will run on the hardwood floors and loose her balance as well as in the back yard constantly pick her back left leg up and run on three of them and come in and lay down. She has lost a lot of her energy to go out and play (might be the heat). I am starting to become concerned because it has never happened before I came back home. I know they have hip problems however her hips are fine she does not cry when she picks her leg up and attempts to continue on as normal. I am just looking to see what this might be and what the next step is, I am trying to avoid paying hundred of dollars for my vet to run x-rays. Any advice and insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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If I were you I would bite the bullet and have those x-rays done ASAP. The reason I say this is it may save you in the long run to have it diagnosed now  and hopefully treated with medication as waiting may mean surgery and that would really set you back.  If the x-rays are going to cost more than a few hundred dollars I would opt for a 500.00 MRI as they really show everything that is going on.

Good Luck and I hope your your husky gets better!

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Yes, get the x-rays. I just did, although ours only cost $78, for one. Which was all that was needed. But that one x-ray showed my pup has a genetic vertebral disc disease in his cervical area. Hopefully finding it early will have him with us much longer.
Lifting his leg could be so many things. Mine was lifting his front paw, and his neck area swelled. The disc was bulging and pushing on his spine/nerves causing the paw lifting. Which is why it is so important for you to get them. Call around and check prices. I've had way different quotes from different vets.

Him lifting his paw, coming in laying down ( mine would hide out in the bushes to avoid playing w/ his brother) means something is not right. it could be just rest and meds he needs but you really have to find out in case it's something more and serious.

Wishing your baby well and sending him tons of hugs and smooches xoxo
Take care, Teresa ; )
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