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10 year old dog with abceesed tooth

I have a medium siz dog that is 10 years old, he has an abcessed tooth. Is it going to be worth the wallet hit? What is the life exceptance of a 45 pound dog?
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Depending on the general health of the dog, a small dog weighing 45 pounds can live 15 years or more!  Ask your vet about making payments to have the abscess taken care of.  If you are considering putting him down because of an abscessed tooth I can tell you that most vets would sternly recommend against it, and it probably will not cost you a lot more to have the tooth taken care of than it would to have him euthanized.  PLEASE consider having the tooth doctored.  An abscessed tooth is so minor, don't consider putting your dog to sleep over something like this!

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Dealing with an abscessed tooth is ALWAYS worth the wallet hit!
Ask yourself if you would be prepared to pay out for treatment if YOU had an abscessed tooth.
Abscessed teeth are no fun. It won't go away by itself, and if left untreated could even possibly spread to the bone, or worse.
Pulling the tooth is the best plan. But a course of antibiotics could kill the infection. And that won't cost a bomb.
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Your dog is considered to be 60 years old in human life, so he could live a lot longer than 10. When you get to be 60 I can guarantee you that you will not consider yourself done with life, and neither should you with your dog.  Have his teeth fixed, and I hope you enjoy many more years with him.
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Your dog has been a loyal , faithful companion and loves you unconditionally.....in 10 years, he has given you more than most humans would and would probably pay with his life, to save yours..... I don't know what that is worth to you, but to me it is priceless, and is easily worth the "wallet hit" you are questioning.
Please help your dog....
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What?  Have you ever had an abscess yourself? The pain is unbearable.....Your dog will quit eating because of the pain....If left untreated, the infection will enter the bloodstream and he will be at risk of even more serious issues....Abscesses are easy to treat & very common......I recommend having the tooth pulled if given an option....

IMO, not treating his tooth is considered "Neglect" no matter what his age is.....He is in pain and suffering and only has you to make the decision to help him......I feel quite sure, he'd do it for you......Karla
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