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11 year old LAB named Abby Please help

My 11 year old Lab named Abby is losing her hair.  She has some red bloches and she moans in her sleep or just laying around.  If I give her a bath she seems to be good for a day or so and then resumes.  Money is really tight right now.  Is there any known clinics I can take her to?  I live in the Philadelphia area.  Please help me any info would be greatly appreciated.  ***@****
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Please contact any local Humane Society or SPCA in your area....They will be able to direct you to a low income clinic if they don't provide one themselves......
If you could elaborate on her bloches & hair loss, we may can steer you in the right direction.....
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There are a couple of types of mange it could be.  It could also be a flea allergy.  I hope you get affordable help for her.  She does not sound comfortable.  
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