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11mo old with renal failure....lots of confusion.

1st time I have ever posted on a forum, so pardon if I am repetitious in any nature.
June 12 took my 10 month old female bulldog pup to the vet she has been vomiting overnight. Nothing unusual aside from that. Up to date on all vaccines, fed organic, well cared for.
Blood work showed kidney failure. BUN was 155. I was stunned. My dog was acting normal playful as the vet was telling me this. We did ultrasound, showed normal kidney size, shape, but questionable interior was told it could be toxicity, infection, or renal dysplasia. We were given a regimen of sub q fluids, doxy, omeprazole, phoslo, and azodyl.
Took her home, still acting normal followed the routine for 7 days, dog still seemed fine, retested and all her elevated le vels were coming down well but not yet in range. It was assumed at this point it was toxicity or infection and to keep on the meds 2 more weeks and test. Plan was once she gets into range to taper down and see if she maintains good levels and go from there.

Well on June 30 my playful girl tore off her dew claw nail, I ran her up to 24 ER vet (never used before) who clipped the nail, bandaged her ENTIRE LEG! and sent her home with Clavamox and Tramadol. I didnt give her any meds that night until I talked with her primary vet or specialist the next morning. I am glad I did, my vet said absolutely no to the tramadol and to go ahead with the clavamox but look for any signs of nausea etc. Coco did fine Friday and Saturday I noticed her limping but the bandage covered her whole leg and joint. Sunday she wouldnt put ANY pressure on the leg and was acting very lethargic so I took the wrap off myself ( I was supposed to take her Monday to have the wrap changed at the ER vet) I was shocked at the pussing infection I found on her leg above the lowest joint - nowhere near the dew claw clearly caused by the bandage wrap!! ....I nursed her overnight and took her to her real vet the second they opened Monday. She has an abcess on her leg, nasty infection my vet is staying how the wrap should never have been put on let alone put on like that or ever even left on! On top of all of this, I thought we were going to have to put my baby down that day based on how she was feeling, the blood work came back with levels higher than the original visit! The hospitalized my coco overnight and sent her home with me the next day- saying "IF" she is going to her better it will be in her home/comfort zone.
The infection started clearing up over the next few days it was touch and go...took her off the clavamox due to vomiting but kept up with everything else.

Res-tested her blood 14 days later (she was back to acting normal, infecting healed, still on fluids and meds tho) and I was astounded her levels were still very elevated, they were lower than the 1st test and lower than the test during the infection but still so far out of range my vet said there is really no more hope it could be an Acute situation and this seems to be renal dysplasia a chronic kidney failure condition. She wants me to keep up with the fluids, omprazole, phoslo, and azodyl but discontinue the doxy as the blood/urine didn't indicate any infection present.

Presently Coco is now 11 months old, acting great jumping around, driving our older dog nuts, eating like a horse, drinking normally ( I didnt realize she was drinking excessively we live in TX it's hot the dogs play outside its summer time.....still in disbelief) her urine is normal in frequency not over/under active - it is practically clear and looks/smells like water aside from that the only other distinguishable sign of renal issues is her b-reath has become pungent like amonia over the past week.

Does any have experience with this? such a young dog, renal dysplasia, chronic kidney failure?
I have obsessed over the signs of deterioration but nothing says how long I can hope for OR things I should/shouldn't do - prevent her from exerting herself? I have been treating her like a fragile breakable piece of glass - I maybe driving myself crazy, my husband thinks we should let her enjoy outside time with us and let her be a dog again but I am struggling with all of this. I don't have children these are my babies. I work a 9-5 and every waking moment  I am not I work I spend with her, I feel guilty even leaving the house as and avoid it as much as possible.

Sorry if this is scattered I still am....I appreciate any feedback - your experiences, advise, tips etc.
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I a very sorry about your pup. Check the User Group "Chronic Kidney Failure" on this site for lots of information that might be helpful, My dog was recently diagnosed with CKD at 7 and I we are struggling with this disease as well. Feel free to ask questions.

Best wishes for you and your dog,

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I am so sorry. Poor sweet girl.

It's strange that it could be renal dysplasia, when the kidneys seemed normal-sized on the ultrasound.....

My feeling would be -let her live, let her have fun.

You are obviously giving all the loving care you can to her.

I hope someone else will answer who has more experience of acute renal failure.
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