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14 yo Poodle

We have a 14 year old miniature poodle who had an abscess and tooth removal 2 weeks ago. He did great and came home happy and eating like normal.  However in the last 24 hours he has refused to eat and is chewing at his skin like he has a flea (but he doesn’t!). Our vet is out of the clinic until Monday but we may have to see another in Her practice before then. They did a complete blood work up before the surgery to make sure he was healthy enough otherwise so my question - could this delayed reaction be anesthesia/surgery related or possibly another issue all together. TIA!  
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Sometimes they nibble at the skin in a place where there is a pain. It's not always an itch.
Maybe you could gently probe there with your fingers and watch his reaction? That should tell you if it's a pain or an itch.

If he has history of allergies, maybe it is an allergy to something? It could be to a new food (?) ....something he has been bitten by outside? I know that at this time of year if it is humid, things will bite. I often get insect bites in the Autumn.

Or it might be a delayed reaction to the anesthetic/pain relief he was given? I feel that it can take a couple of weeks, sometimes even longer for those drugs to fully leave the system.

But not eating....that is a red flag. A  dog will want to eat (unless he is normally on and off with his food?

I would definitely tell the vet about this. An itch won't usually stop a dog from eating!
Yes they can get obsessed with picking at an itchy spot, and go a bit crazy with it, but the smell of nice food should usually distract them.
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Sorry about your poodle!  It's been so long that I sort of doubt it is due to the tooth issue two weeks ago. My vet calls that itching insanely at a spot a 'hot spot'.  I would try to get him in to be seen by the other vet if yours is gone for a while.  Sooner the better.   Here's some information.  https://www.petmd.com/dog/care/evr_hot_spots_what_are_they  The vet can prescribe some topical cream that will clear it up.  Let me know what the vet says!
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