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14 yr/old german shepherd - neurological symptoms

I have a 14 year old German shepherd who has developed some kind of a nervous tic or twitching of the eyes (they seem to be rolling involuntarily to the left side...they started off going to the right). This started somewhat suddenly the previous evening and is still an issue this morning. In addition to this symptom, her head seems to be at a bit of an angle and her ability to walk in the hind legs, which was already labored due to previously diagnosed nerve damage, is even worse...now she can't even get up without her back legs giving way. We don't know if she might have had a mini stroke or if it is an episode of vestibular disease. She still can follow our movements, recognize us, eat, and drink. As for bowel moments, I think she knows that she has to go but simply can't reach the door in time as a result of her reduced mobility. Any advice or insight on what steps we should taske would be appreciated.
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God Bless her at 14 years of age. I don't think you need me to tell you she has to go in for an exam. If her tounge is not hanging out to the side I don't think she had a stroke but that does not always happen.

She does have something neurological going on though. She needs to see her Vet. I hope it all works out. I wish I could give you some more adivce but this is something that needs to be addressed with the Vet ASAP.

If possible, please let us know how you make out.

Good Luck.
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8yrold mix dog had operation never the same afterdr said was fine but told us to brg him to a nuerologist who wanted 2-3k for mri.thnk somethng happened in operatin rm that we can't prove.dr.will not see dog again.for 5 mons.at bedtime he doesn't sleep thru.wakes every 2-3 hrs.pantin,sometimes droolin,body shakes,breathin like a heart attack,hair change,appetite changed as far as what he likes,doesn't turn in circles or fall dwn.,sleeps wit us,use to jump off bed an sit there with head against bed now he may jump off if its bad an lye on tile. obese.2nd dr wouldn't giv diet food.3 dr did.went frm 125 after op. to 118.mayb less now.tryin to get to 85-90 lbs.sleeps frm exhausted night durin day, paddles feet which he never did, drs say blood an xrays good.collestral a little high.all want to give vallium,60mg every 4 hrs.what r they nuts?told me to take pics, idid an all 3 drs didn't look at.doesnt' do what he does at night durin day other than paddle ft.can't walk that far witout exhaustion or heavy breathin,wants to run after dogs,can't find dr to assess problem so we can hopefully fix,just want to dope him up.don't listen to what we're sayin,no one can diagnois,where did these drs get their degrees?what they see durin day visit isn't what happens at night. eyes start to darken thats the first thng.then a bit of growls before an after this whatever dies off.he'll go bac to sleep after a drnk now if not so bad of jump off of bed an lay on tile.not alot of energy durin day frm bein so tired frm night.drs r not listenin to symptoms.we thnk  he may be havin seizures an woke durin operation,seen what was happenin & couldn't move frm anethesia or worst.will niever no.most of time breathin very heavy.we haven't slept in 5 mon.we wake him gently wen it starts till over.never leave alone-hes afraid.bumps poppin up all over.they removed 3 fatty tumors, cyst in 1 eye,cleaned teeth,cut nails-opened up a tumor that dr said nothin was in it except organs pushin up against side.oringinally said it was fatty tumor,other 2 drs say still say its a fatty tumor.they look puzzled when u tell them what the operatin dr said.that one on side of belly.hangs & big. whats goin on.i don't no who to go to,talk to,can not handle any meds had reaction to all even antibiotics still wanna giv him narcotics which i refuse to give after what happened-bad reaction to any narcotics. what do i do. exhausted all funds.dr.#2 said to take him to a psy.havin hard x an will not put down cause of stupidity frm drs.i thnk hip may be hurtin growls when touched.possible hip diplasea.such a lovin playful dog that welcomed hugs an kisses frm all. a support registerded dog for me.my lovve for him is killin me an ignorance frm drs killin him.plse i need help! so does Yogi.
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Oh my gosh! What is the matter with all these vets?
Far be it from me to be able to diagnose your dog, as I'm not a vet, but from what you describe it sounds like he has pain, possible neurological symptoms, and maybe a hernia, apart from probable arthritis in his hip.
It also sounds to me as if he could have fluid retention. That weight might be obesity, or it might be caused by fluid build up in his body.

The surgery that he had, what was it for?

I truly wish I could suggest something to help your Yogi. He needs to see a decent vet. But it sounds like you have taken him to every vet available, and still don't have any answers....
It doesn't make sense to me that the vets one minute suggest narcotics, and the next to take him to a - what?- Psychiatrist? What's going on??
My feeling is you need to take him to a completely different vet. Even if you have to go to another town to do that. Someone who has a good rep. and hopefully someone who would arrange a payment plan with you
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