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15 year old dog name Shaq needs medical advice.

My dog Shaq is started to show signs of slowing down and aging.  He does not walk as far as he use to even when I insist he refuses and bares down and pull me back home.  Some of his fur is missing on his outside elbow and his fur is not showing any signs of growing back.  Just recently his diet has decreased and he's having a hard time walking.  I tried to offer him his favor food ( rotisserie chicken)and he didn't eat it.   It appears that my dog may be showing sign of shutting down.  I'm hoping not...I hoping that I can slow this process down.  I would like to spend at least another year with my down, but it seem this process is moving in on him.  Looking for suggestions.
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Hi. Have you taken your loyal companion to see a vet? It sounds like he may have arthritis (which could be causing him to be in pain when walking), an allergy (possibly fleas) and/or possibly a more serious condition that is causing him to lose his appetite and vitality. Old age does slow dogs down - just the same as humans - but the symptoms you describe could and should be treated, if they are not just down to age.

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