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15 yr old Maltese in pain - renal failure

My vet told me my 15 year old Maltese, Scooter is is renal failure. He also has a heart murmur. He is only eating boiled burger and chicken, and sometimes not that. I can no longer slip crushed Tums into his food. He is vomiting more of his food lately and continues to lose weight. At times his hind legs do not hold him up. I fear he is in more pain. What can I do to make him comfortable. Scooter is my 1st and only pet. He is my baby. My heart is breaking. I don't want him to hurt.
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My heart goes out to you and Scooter.  Unforunately, there is only one thing you can do to help him now.   End his suffering.  That is the last and most loving responsibility of pet ownership.  I am sorry to have to say that to you, as I know it hurts deeply.  But consider your Scooter's condition.  Would you want to live like that?  No, you wouldn't.  Please keep us updated, and know that we are here for you and more than willing to support you at this time especially.  God Bless you and Scooter - Blu
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Thank you, Blu... I know Scooter will let me know when he is ready  but he's not quite ready for that next journey yet... He's going in spurts now... some tail wagging and rallying.  He ate today and kept it down. He stood outside with his head in the breeze for about 10 minutes.  He's seeking out some of his favorite pleasures.  No groaning or shaking today, either. I am fortunate to be home with him all the time now so he isn't alone. Thank goodness it isn't the winter time. I am so happy I found this site and you will be here for me...
Thank you, K
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