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15 yr old dog losing control of hind legs and losing weight

Does anyone know why my fifteen year old chihuahua would be losing control of her hind legs and losing weight? She started kinda "skipping" on them like two weeks and about a week ago she started losing control over them alot, she sometimes can walk w/ a sort of dragging motion but then she loses control over them and they just give out on here, it really is saddening me and I would like to know if anyone knows why this could be happening and what i need to do for her..
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i also have a 12yr old dalmation which we love so much. however she has hip dysplasia and has been looseing control of bowels and bladder for awhile now. She is now loosing weight rapidly (she looks like a walking bone) and she is eating. We dont know why and when we should consider the end. Some days are a little better than the others, but not the weight gain shes starving. Help with ideas please.
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I don't know the life expectancy of either dog discussed in this thread, but I think any dog over 12 year old is, well old.  Small dogs typically live longer than large dogs, I understand, still 15 is old.  Loss of muscle control is typical of the failing of the body on older dogs, I believe.  

A vet may have something to help for a while, but sadly dogs don't live as long as we all wish they could.

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions on how to put more years into the dog, and I know how the loss hurts.
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Try giving your pet cooked hamburger and rice mixture w/ 1 tsp. veg oil...will be easily digested, therefore help w/ weight gain
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As for the legs....most likely the spine...deterioration due to old age...most common treatment may include Prednisone and the pain killer Tramadol wich CAN be taken w/ Predisone...Be careful of drug inter-actions
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I don't believe hip Dysplasia is a "death setence"...however, the key with ANY illness is to keep your pet comfortable...Cooked ground beef with cooked rice and a tsp. of veg. oil is easily digestable and MAY help w/ weight gain.....I am familiar w/said condition and Prednisone seems to be the drug of choice...ask your vet.
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