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16 yr dog not eating

My 16 year old papillon chihuahua mix was bleeding from one of his upper molars and not eating so we got blood work and mostly everything is good except liver. He got a shot of antibiotics and I got sent home with clavamox. He ate a little that evening.  Then after I gave him the dose yesterday he ate some boiled turkey and some nonfat Greek yogurt.  So in the evening I gave him the supplement they gave for liver and he threw up 90 min later.  Today not eating. It says take antibiotics with food. But I’ve tried fried egg, baby food, boiled chicken with rice and some turkey. Not taking anything and not drinking water. Should I try one more dose of clavamox? It seems to make him want to eat but since he’s empty I don’t know what to do. I have my follow up apt on Monday to get fluids in him.
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It's difficult when the prescription says take the medicines with food, but your dog doesn't want to eat anything at all.
At that point I would be inclined to call the vet for advice. The most important thing is getting fluids down him. I found with my dog that if I used a plastic syringe with no needle, and used water with a little honey and a pinch of salt (or an unflavoured electrolyte mix with water), then syringed small amounts at a time into the corner of her mouth I could manage to keep her hydrated.
I found the best place to do this was just in that little gap between the molars and the canine teeth. They swallow as a reflex. Not too much fluid at a time, but repeat often.

It is days ago since you posted this, and I missed it until now. How is your dog doing? I hope there has been some improvement. Did you call the vet for advice?
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