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2 full grown dogs in small cage at pet store

I went to PJ's pet centre today, It's a pet store in a mall in Toronto. I was looking at the puppies in the display window, I dont mind them keeping 3 or 4 small pups together in one display because they all play together.

Then I saw a German Shepard, 1 year old, pretty much full grown in the same size display case by himself. He literally can't even take a step in it. He can just lay there and it's even hard from him to turn around because the cage is too small.

Right next to him in another display with a huskey, price has been marked down to only $500. He is so big that his food bowl barely fits in with him. He had an empty water bowl that he must have tipped to its side for more room.

I was desperately sad for these 2 dogs. So was everyone else walking by. I told one of the workers to get him water, but I feel such cruelty should be illegal. Is there anyone I can call or sign a petition or something to get them out. But then again, where would they go? I feel like I should do something, but then I realize animals in shelters are living the same way.
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It is typical for pet stores to display chosen animals for public viewing in this way.  They are not usually caged in a confined area for very long (maybe a couple of hours).  These animals have bigger kennels that you do not see.  I work in an animal shelter, among people (including myself) who will not tolerate animal neglect in any form.  Most of the shelter animals are allowed to roam the shelter, inside and out, all day long.  They are only confined to smaller kennels at night.  I hope this gives you some insight. - Blu
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Hi, I understand your distress i would have been horrified. Hopefully someone has come along and seen them. I guess here in Australia it is illegal You could probably ring the animal welfare leagues and see what they can do. The dogs in shelters at least have more room than this. Take care and let me know how you went on with this.
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