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2lb. 4 oz. Teratoma Tumor

I have a 1yr. 10 mos. old labrador.  Female~ she's been quite healthy, I got her when she was 7 mos. old.  She goes to vet regularly.  Last Tues. night she vomitted and was panting alot, and standing with her head down and her backend turned towards us, really strange she didn't seem to want to look at us, she also turned her nose up at one of her favorite treats.  A visit to her doctor on Wed morning and an abdominal xray, also fever, indicated that she had a uterine infection.  She was given an antibiotic shot, and some oral tabs and sent home. with a return appt. to make sure the infection was clearing.  Friday morning another xray revealed that what they initally thought was infection was still there and no change.  They then began to think it was possibly something in her uterus other than infection.  Decision was made to cut and see what it was.  Appox. an hour later I received a frantic call from her Dr. saying that there was a Huge mass in her abdomen, and it was twisted around everything.  They were not equipped to perform this type of surgery and I had to take her to the NC State Veterinary Of Medicine School in Raleigh, NC.,  rated among the best in the U.S.   They successufully removed a 2 lb. 4 oz. Teratoma Tumor that was growing from her left ovary.  This type of tumor is made up of different types of tissue and begins to develop during fetal development.  Is known as as a birth defect of unknown cause.  I'm very thankful that it was found and treated early, and that it wasn't cancer.  Glad to have her home and recovering nicely, she's a great girl and wonderful friend.     thanks, Melanie& Simone;~)
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WOW! Thanks for our "GOOD NEWS" story of the day..We don't get too many here!

I'm so glad for you & your girl....Hope she's feeling better by now....Keep up the good work...Take care, Karla
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I'm so glad your girl is doing well. This is very good news. One good thing about those peculiar tumors is that they are basically benign. The only way to deal with them is surgery, but once that's done...bye bye weird tumor!

The presence of such a tumor does not cause long term health issues (or at least I have not heard of that) which is another good thing. Once it's out -it's done. So a really healthy fit person/dog can get one of those and recover to perfect health.

I know because I once upon a time had one of those. When they twist, they can really cause problems. Better out than in!
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