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3 weeks after spaying

I have a yr old half French Bulldog half Fiest that was spayed about 3 weeks ago. Her stitches were removed last Thursday 5/7/15 and now her bottom two **** are rock hard. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help her? I will be calling the vet tomorrow but as I am disabled it is hard for my husband to get off work to take her back and forth frequently is it is a normal situation.

I have never had any other spayed dog do this. She is not running a fever or acting differently. Eating and drinking fine.
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I'm so sorry your question got missed.

How was her incision? Was it swollen or reddened at all around the stitches, and did it start healing properly?

It's possible there could be some fluid build up where the incision was, or the lower part of it, and that might be causing her 2 lower teats to become too firm (swollen?) When she went for her post-surgical check, did the vet notice this or mention it? Or was it not there then?

My feeling is that you should call the vet who did the surgery and discuss it with him/her. They are usually happy to answer any questions you may have post-op. You may have to take her in to be examined.
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