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4.5 year old shih tzu

Hi everyone.  My 4.5 year old shih tzu is sick in the animal hospital right now. I'm just not understanding fully what is going on. We took her in because she was pooping blood today (not diahreah, just blood alone).  They ran tests suspecting she got ahold of trash and that she may have pancreatitis (i have no idea how to spell these words) but she doesn't.  They tested her for something that began with an H and is a HUGE word and turned otu that was what she had.  They said it was stress related, emotional and/or heat stress can cause it.  I have a 1 year old running around and I know my doggy has been stressed since she's been born.  I cannot find the name of this illness for the life of me!  They have her overnight and are doing IVs and what not.  I called and they said she is still "not out of the woods" but doing ok.  Tells me nothing really.  Has anyone ever had a similar situation?  Does anyone have any idea what this is called?  
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