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4th stage renal disease when to let go

Our little doggie is in end stage renal failure.  She had a two-day kidney flush but it had not effect - she was worse at the end.  She came home two days ago - the vet said we should do the kind thing that day as she is uremic, sky high creatine and phosphorous, not eating and barely drinking and she had bloody vomiting and diarrhoea.  We wanted to come home because our teenager had said please don't come home without her.  She has been home two days now, and is just lying around, very low, shallow breathing, strong smell of urea off breath, still a bit of diarrhoea but not much as she has not been eating or drinking.  No much interest, just lying there being stroked, but some gulping and trembling.  My problem is my husband is having trouble letting go.  Vet closed today and I am trying gently to get him to the point where he can accept we may have to do something today or tomorrow.  He loves her, is not selfish but I think he is finding it hard to realise when is the right time.  At the back of it I think everybody has a hope of a recover, but everybody is telling us this is not possible.  Please help me to know what to do.
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I think you should make your dog as comfortable as possible and take her to the vet to be put to rest tomorrow morning.  

You didn't say how old you dog is, but I assume at the end of the age life expectancy for the type of dog.  That and given the vet's advice, it is time.

Sorry, I feel your pain and have been there myself and know it will come again as I look at my little 10 year old Westie at my feet.
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Hi. This is so very hard. First, can I let you know about our very special User Group ... the CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS User Group on MedHelp. Please search for it, then join, and read through some of the posts there. Post your own message and people will respond (including me). Maybe just for support, but also maybe with suggestions. These are all owners going through or who have already gone through the same process with their dogs, so you will be made very welcome there.

Next, I have a couple of articles (written by me) that I would like you to read. They will help you become more informed - or maybe just confirm what you may already be thinking, but either way, they may help.



Finally, have you got your dog's blood results. If so, please check what the results say by taking a look at this reference guide (again, written by me):


Has your dog had any IV fluids? Sometimes, even in dire circumstances, this can help bring bad blood levels down. I must add, this doesn't always work, particularly if the kidneys are very badly damaged - but it can sometimes work wonders and give both you and your dog extra time. That extra time may also provide some leeway to start a management plan, which may extend the time even more. But this is a difficult journey ... and you are certainly not alone in it.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through, my little phoebe Maltese  is 13 and right about the same place.  But the roles are reversed I don't want to put her down. There is an article in psychology today on  euthanize your pet. It was helpful to me. You may want to have your husband read it.  Perhaps our perspective isn't wrong.  Phoebe has been my little companion for many years  and now I'm going to be hers.  The very best to you in your sad time
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Hello Leah. Please read through my prior post to Michelle and follow the links to the articles - and please join the User Group. I think you will find it beneficial. Best wishes, Tony
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www.psychologytoday.com/...would-aristotle-do/.../is-it-ethical-euthanize-y...this is the article
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I thought I joined the user group. Can you direct me
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Try this link:


If that doesn't take you to it, go to the Forum button at the top of the page and hover your cursor on it - a new menu will drop down with User Groups at the bottom, click on User Groups. Now use the Search facility and copy and paste CHRONIC KIDNEY FAILURE IN DOGS into the search bar. That should take you straight to it, where you can join.

There are problems with the way MedHelp operate the User Groups, and people do have difficulties finding us, but once found and you become a member, it should then appear on the first page that loads and also in your My MedHelp section. If you think you have joined (it doesn't show in my record of members for the Group), it may be you've joined another User Group with a similar name. There are a few on the site, some of which are redundant and are not being administered by anyone. It's time for MedHelp to have a bit of a clear-out I guess.

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