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6 year old husky hair changing color

I have a 6 year old husky named yukon. recently i have noticed his hair is changing color on his sides. have taken him to the vet and she says everything is fine. he is not allergic to anything as we have had that checked. but i am concerned as he has been black and white most of the year that we have had him since we saved him from being on the street. he was begging for food up at our local 7-11 and it broke our hearts so we brought him home. he eats like a horse and sometimes will play with my 6 month old pit/mastiff mix and my 3 year old catahoula. Please, i am concerned. is there something i can give him to help. i comb his hair out 3-4 times a day to help with the shedding.
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Has Yukon been spening a lot of time outside? In summer sunlight? If so, then hair can bleach in sunlight. It could turn black hair a sort of brown/gingery colour in places.

When your vet says he's fine...did she run any blood tests? And/or urine tests? Sometimes it is very difficult to tell if something is wrong, if a dog is still eating well,  playing, etc, without going a little eeper, and checking bloodwork to see if there are any imbalances.

My suggestion would be to get the vet to run blood tests.

Thyroid problems, and hormonal problems as well as other health issues, can cause a dog's coat to change colour too.

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