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7 week old puppy whining, cries ou in pain, has spasms whenever trying to fall asleep

I picked up a two week old pup at the side of the road about 5 weeks ago. We bottle fed him puppy formula, and he developed normally, his started seeing, his ears opened, his teeth came out and are perfectly healthy, he started playing and moving around, all at the right time. We started feeding him puppy pellets softened with boiling water at about 4-5 weeks old, as the vet proposed. He was growing up healthy and happy, up until about 4 days ago. He started wimpering (at first) while falling asleep, but it is much worse now. Whenever he lies down to sleep he starts whining and having small spasms, and at some point he starts yelping and crying out (it sounds as if he is in pain). He becomes quiet after about 15minutes, and then after a while everything starts over again, until he finally falls asleep. When he is awake, he eats enough and drinks enough water. He plays and growls and runs. I touch him everywhere, thoroughly, to check if there is pain somewhere, but it doesn't seem to hurt anywhere when he is awake. When he wakes up, he is disorientated, and cannot walk properly. His front legs cave in. When he wakes up completely, he walks and runs, but he is very uncoordinated and wobbly.

When I first found him he had an abscess on his neck, when the vet pulled of the scab a very large amount of pus came out. The abscess started healing, but another one formed close to the first, which the vet drained. Another one formed on his upper neck, and we drained this one as well, and the vet decided to put him on mild antibiotics. All of the abscesses have healed completely (about 8 days ago).

I believe that my puppy was born in a location, in filthy conditions, and someone left him at the side of the road.

He has a domed shaped head, which the vet at first explained as something that chiuaua's are born with, and that he maybe had some chiuaua in him. He is a tiny breed dog, looks a bit like a jack russel.

We have been to the vet, he got his shots and his second dose of deworming medication. The vet says that the whining etc could possibly be because of the worms. Otherwise it could be something like hydrocephalus, which we will test for if the deworming does not work. I would really, really like some advice from people with similar stories. I am so worried, and sad, as my baby seems very uncomfortable.
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May God Bless You for saving your puppy. It sounds like the dog would not have survived without all you have done for him. I think he's going through what ever was on his neck? Did the Vet know what caused it?
If you continue to give this puppy the good care you have been doing, I
think he will be fine. May sure he has fresh water at least 7 to 8 times of day, because puppies dehydrate because of their constant growth and
activities. I think you are doing a great job Jessica. Take care,

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Thank-you for taking such wonderful care of this little guy.
I wish I had some great advice, but I really don't know what to say.
It sounds like your vet is on the right track....I do know that hydrocephalus is more common is small breeds...Chihuahua's are prone to this condition.
Here are some of the symptoms... ( I found on the internet )

•Altered mental status

•Crying out



•Visual or auditory impairment

•Spastic or clumsy walking


•Head pressing

•Head tilt

•Abnormal eye movements

Hopefully your little guy does not have this...but, on the off chance that he does, it would be helpful for you to do some research on it, so you will not only understand the vet better when he talks about this, but you will also have better questions to ask concerning treatment.

Best Wishes for you both....
Let us know how things are going....
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one of my shih tzu puppies developed hydrocephalus at around 7 weeks.  he seemed kind of sleepy for a couple of days then woke up suddenly and was pretty lively.  the only difference was she had no interest in eating or drinking.  wouldn't even nurse on her mother,  i could rubber syringe feed her and she would lap at that but nothing more, after 4 days with no improvement she act actually lost weight and was beginning to show some signs of suffering.  i got took her to the vet and she was kept overnight but showed no evidence of external disease and her blood work was ok.  At his advice and my own judgement after seeing her the next day I agreed to let her sleep.  I was able to hold and comfort her for a while and the procedure was very peaceful and delicately handled.  I had the comfort of knowing she was no longer scared confused or suffering.. she was with her "mamma" warm and quiet and could fall asleep peacefully.
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I'm Having a hard time diagnosing my pup, he out of no where started crying. Like if some one had stepped on him but no one did. I hold him and he is fine. He is eating and drinking at the moment this just happened. But it seemed if we touched around his chest he would start complaining and almost trying to bite me like saying don't touch me. He is 3 month old small shi-poo. Please help. And now he is breathing fast and hard. In his sleep. I'm worried. If any one has advise... Please ***@****
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Hello Lincolnator---You don't have time to be searching the internet!!! You have an emergency on your hands....Your dog is serious need of medical attention....The respiratory distress is cause for alarm.....Please hurry and get him to his Vet or emergency clinic NOW!!! You have no more time to wait.....Let us know what happens....Goodness, good luck...
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