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8 week old puppy fell and has brian damage on left side of head

My pup was acting weird took her to the vet. They started she had brain damage on the left side of her head. She is also limping on the left back foot but they said it was fine. They gave her a steroid shot to help but she just lays around and hardly moves.. I love my dog and want her better please help!!
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So sorry about your pup.  I am afraid there isn't much anyone can advise you to do if the pup has brain damage.  I assume the Vet took an x-Ray or scan?  Did the Vet tell you what to watch for at home?  I would think the Vet would have you bring the pup back in to recheck it.  You need to watch if the pup is too lethargic, eye pupils look different, any odd behavior or seizures.  Try to keep the head as level with the body as possible and don't handle the pup a lot.  My concern also is the fact that such a young pup needs to eat and especially needs fluids.  Is it able to eat or drink at all?  If you feel your pup is worse or no better, I suggest you get it back to the Vet ASAP.
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Thanks for your concern.. The vet did not do any scans or xrays..he gave her a steroid and pinacillion shot in the neck which caused her to have celluliteus.. I lost my dog at 11am this morning
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Oh, I am so sorry.  
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