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9 week old Standard Poodle

We just got our new puppy about 4 days ago , Eponee is a beautiful little girl and seems to be very house clean (likes to potty only outside)  but I was wondering if anyone may have some tips on how to help her adjust better as she cry/whines 24/7 it doesn't matter if she is being held , cuddled, petted ,fed , brushed ect she doesn't stop whimpering (loudly) I am home 24/7 so she isn't alone , my son is home at 3:00 so she also gets his attention and when my hubby gets home she gets his attention .. all the attention in the world and she literally whines/whimpers non-stop .. stops for few seconds when she eats or drinks and then continues crying.. any way to deal with this to help her adjust?
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Congrats on your new puppy!
4 days isn't very long and she needs time to adjust.  Assuming all checked out OK health wise, you just might have to ride it out for a while.
As long as you know she is fed, pottied, etc then she just may be whining for attention.  You have to try not to cater to her and ignore it.  When she is quiet, praise her and show her attention.  Daily routines will help like when and where she eats, sleeps, potties, etc.  Dogs really do better with routines.
As hard as it might be, if you know her needs are met, ignore her until she quiets down.
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She saw the vet the day after we picked her up from airport (also part of her health contract) we possibly play with her more as its pretty much all we do since she got here , Lol. she whines even during play , even when being held and cuddled ect. she also has many toys including several kongs , and have the one that has treats in it and the one you use with a paste and or treats. and yes huge fenced yard which she loves fetch , but still whimpers.. she is vaccinated /dewormed. no this is not our first puppy , we have had a few dogs (we are older) our dogs passed away , one from cancer at a elderly age and one from old age. our dogs when pups never did this so this is new to us..
I appreciate the help thank you :)
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Congratulations on your new family member!
A 9 week old is a "baby" she has just been
taken away from everything and everyone she
has known her whole life,siblings and mom,a
home she knew and felt secure in.
She has only been with you for FOUR DAYS,
(very short time) and she left a home and all
she's ever known here she lived NINE WEEKS.
I suggest,to get her mind off the seperation loss
and anxiety,play with her more,throw some toys
for her,buy her a BIG KONG,put some peanut
butter inside and give it to her but NOT when she
is whining,( as then it becomes a reward for her
actions) give her mind something to think about
instead of what she used to have.
You have a fenced backyard(?) take her out,get
a tennis ball and let her run and play,interact
with you as her new family.
Since you have had her for four days,I assume
you have already taken her to the vet for a "well-
ness" check( please don't just accept the prior
owner telling you she is just fine) she needs to
see your vet ASAP to be sure she is healty and
her whining/crying is not from pain or an issue
you can not see. She will need a Distemper-Parvo
vaccination( no others are needed at this age) to
check to be sure she doesn't have worms,many pups
can be born with round worms( a "gift" from their mom)
once you know she is healthy,then play with her,give
her personal interaction,wear her out with some active
interactions with you...get toys, throw them for her,
KONG and peanutbutter...good luck with your new
fur baby...please come back let us know how things
turned out.
Is this your first puppy? It is great you can be home
to give her the extra attention and play time,many
puppies don't have this luxury.
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