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9 yr old king cavalier

she stopped eating yesterday in the morning and is very lethargic.  She is moving slowly and sleeping a lot.  She had diarrhea yesterday and a lot of vomiting up until late last night, but hasn't had either today.   She hasn't eaten since early yesterday morning and she usually 'loves' to eat!  

She does not look well.  Any suggestions?
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other information : she has been drinking a little water, but not much.  She looks like she is really weak and is not doing anything but laying around.  No coughing, sneezing or any other symptoms.  

We had 4 little puppies visit and spend the night two nights ago.  She was fine before they came.  Since they were here (they left yesterday morning) she has been acting this way.
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Have you checked with whomever owns the puppies to see if they are suck at all?  
This would really have me concerned especially due to her age, her barely drinking, vomiting and being lethargic.  I would strongly suggest you get her in to the Vet if you haven't already.  Any suggestions I might give you may be only a band aide on something serious.
Have you tried maybe some boiled chicken and rice?  It is important she have fluids.
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