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My dog ate a bread with a mold.  She seems weak but she can still walk and when we call her name, she wagged her tail. She vomited and had diarrhea. She doesn't have a appetite to eat but she drinks water. Today in the morning, she vomited again. The color was yellow. And right now, I think she vomited again because there was a clear bubbles in her mouth. What should I do? My parents doesn't want to send her in the vet :(

P.S My mom made her drink water with a dextrose powder. Is this the reason why she got clear bubbles in her mouth? ANSWER ME PLEASE, I REALLY NEED YOUR RESPONSES/HELP.
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This is a month late so I hope your dog survived, moldy food contains mycotoxins which can kill your pet without aggressive treatment.
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I really didn't realize this.  I think of them as iron stomachs since I've seen my dog eat all kinds of disgusting things she finds in the yard from time to time. I'll keep this in mind regarding moldy food!  What should we look for regarding this?
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