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Adverse Effects in Dog After Prednisone

My vet prescribed 20 MG of Prednisone Q12H last week. Immediately my dog appeared to be having an adverse reaction.. as he was panting, nervous and shaking. I spoke with my vet and I tapered down... but he's still panting tonight and it is worrying me. Anything I can do to help him in the meantime ?  As far as his diagnosis, we still aren't sure but have ruled out many other possible health conditions. My vet thinks it is inflammatory bowel disease and our next step is ordering more tests, including a stool culture this time.

Thanks for your help.
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What is your dog's weight and what did you cut the dose down to?
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Hi ! Thank you for your reply. He weighs only 25 lbs. After the first two 20 MG doses of Prednisone, I cut his dosage in half to 10 MG. Today I gave him only 5 MG and will obviously skip his evening dose and that will be the end of it. But his panting and shaking are worse tonight... it is scary to watch.
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I'm sorry, I forgot to ask...How old is your guy?        Thanks    
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13 years old and handsome as ever. ; ^ )
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Hi..IMO The 20mg. 2@day is an unusually high dose for 25lbs. 10mg.2@day is probably better. How many days at 10mg. before you cut to 5mg. You said you were skipping his evening dose and that will be it. Does that mean the prescription will run out or are you stopping it on your own? You CANNOT stop pred. abruptly!!! Very dangerous! Has to be a slow wean off.....You need to call your vet TOMORROW morning (And explain the situation, again). See what his/her instructions for wean off are.(Unless you already know). I too, would skip tonights dose...but you may need to give him 5mg. tomorrow, too. Then every other day then, 3 days, then 4 days, etc. It has to filter out of his system slowly. I'm not trying to scare you, but at 13yrs old and the symptoms your explaining, I think it's his heart and he cannot tolerate this medication! You have to explain this to your Vet and be firm!  Hopefully, you will see improvement by morning by missing tonights dose...However, I don't know how long steroids stay in their system....I would lean towards at least 8-12 hrs. Please repost tomorrow and let me know how he's doing. I'll worry about him all night.....
P.S. How many hours ago did he take the 5mg.? Is he getting any better (Symptom wise), now?  Good luck..........Karla
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Our dog is on prednisone 20mg.    He is also experiencing the same breathing issues.  Vet said it is a side effect of the medication.    
My dog is 58 lbs and was taking 20mg twice daily.  Now once daily.  
Why can't I get a get a response from you about my dog?
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