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Advice for end stage kidney disease?

My 15 year old corgi, Candy, was diagnosed with CKD 18 months ago, and has been ok for most of that time, with definite but gradual decline in function along the way.  Five days ago, she stopped eating much of anything, she seems disoriented, she barely wants to walk, and exhibits no real engagement.  Her creatinine is 7.5. It’s just devastating.  It seems pretty clear we’re down to very precious little time left with her, but I want to make sure she is comfortable to the greatest extent possible and at least eating.  She’s getting subcutaneous fluids each morning, which seem to perk her up a little bit.  Does anyone have any advice about things to feed a dog in this stage?  Thanks a lot.
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Hello...I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I had a yorkie poo that passed away of kidney failure two years ago and that was the hardest thing for me!!!! I gave him moist food (canned food) that was by Science Diet. I believe it says Kidney on the front of the can. That was a hard time for me and I really hope everything works out for you. I found out in January 2016 that my yorkie poo had kidney disease and he was PERFECTLY OKAY, I was so shocked, and within four months he passed away. I did everything I could possibly do for him, I actually flew to Georgia because I heard that UGA Vet had a few doctors that specialized in dogs with kidney failure, but unfortunately my yorkie poo passed away that weekend =(
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I’m in the same boat with my 13 year old dog. I’m devastated. I am trying everything I can but like you not sure when it’s really time to let her go. I just wish she would eat because I think she may be able to get a few more months. But she’s so weak and not walking  well because of not eating much. She seems so sad obviously.
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