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Hello, my dog is only just over 1 year and she has allergies.  I went to a dermatologist who *thinks* her allergies are seasonal/environmental rather than food or flea related.  She wants to do skin and blood testing in the fall.  Her purpose for doing these tests is to obtain info on what my dog is actually allergic to so she can start with desensitization injections.

What other alternatives are there to these injections, other than steroid shots/pills?  Its not that I don't want to do the testing, but I don't want to be injecting my dog with all this stuff as she is just so sensitive!

Also, she gets bacterial skin infections that looks a lot like Pyoderma but the vet didn't put a name to it, he just gave me antibiotics.  I think I should have taken her back to get more because she had just 1 bump left when the prescription ran out and she is supposed to be on it for a week longer than symptoms disappear.  These bacterial bumps were sometimes oozy and sometimes not.  They're caused as a reaction from allergies.  If she gets these on and off for her whole life do I just keep putting her on antibiotics forever?!!

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Where are the lesions when she has them? What part of the body?
Also, I think this could be very much food related AND a weak immune system.....What do you feed this girl? (Including treats).....Has she recently been vaccinated or is this a year round thing?  If they're year round as you suggest, how could they be seasonal as the Vet suggests??? Thanks, Karla
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