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Allergy Blood Tests - Any Help?

In our continuing effort to find what causes our estimated 10 year old Westie to suffer from skin problems, Yeast, the vet suggested trying the allergy blood test.  It is affordable, under $300 I understand.  But I have no information on how effective this test has been.

Anyone reading have any experience with allergy blood tests in dogs?
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Hi Jerry,

My baby Boomer was having the same skin issues.  I allowed the vet to test him for environmental allergens back in October.  The results said he was highly allergic to pine trees (which make up our backyard) and every type of grass that grows in Louisiana (which is where we live).  I decided to give immunotherapy injections and try since he was in bad shape.  It was one of the best decisions I have made.

10 months later Boomer no longer has ANY skin problems.  As of now he gets a 1mL injection of his immunotherapy every three weeks.  He suffers from no side effects, and it is great that is skin is beautiful now.

His immunotherapy comes from Heska.  I highly recommend this treatment.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your baby!
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We live on a large property with lots of grass and other low cut green stuff (summer) dozens of White Pine and other evergreens as well as a diversity of hardwoods and whatever grows in the acres I leave wild.  Our Westie stays pretty much on the acre around the house that gets regular mowing, so he doesn't venture into the woods or even much under the White Pine all of which are at least 50' from the house.  We let him roam freely but keep a supervisory watch - he spends most of his time in the house.

Do you give boomer injections/shots or do you have to take him to the vet for that - can you give me a ball-park idea of the cost of the shots?

As I think I said, I am of the opinion that our Westie (Wilson) doesn't have food allergies, albeit we keep him on grain free.
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