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Apples seeds?

I was just wondering if anyone would happen to know if it is ok for a dog to eat an entire apple (core and seeds).
Both my dogs LOVE apples so i've been removing the core but it is such a hassle.
I've heard that the apple seeds are not good for the dogs... anyone know?
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I had a dog a few years ago who used to eat apples, cores, seeds and all, and was absolutely fine on it. The seeds probably came out whole in his poop.
But....I don't let my dog now eat the seeds (I'm probably being too careful with her, but who knows?) Apple seeds contain a minute amount of cyanide, so I heard. The amount is miniscule, but that was enough for me to hear! When I give my dog apple, it's so easy to cut the apple in quarters, then slice down each core section in a 'V' shape. It only takes 1 minute.
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Apple seeds DO contain cyanide, so in larger quantities, they are toxic not just to dogs but to humans as well.  A seed here or there is not going to hurt them, but I also don't know if the cyanide thing is a cumulative effect, or if the dosage has to be taken all at once for it to be toxic.  In other words, could the swallowing of apple seeds over time add up to a toxic dose, or must they be eaten all at the same time?  I'm going to try to research it a bit and see what I come up with.

I agree with ginger, though, it takes only a couple of seconds to quarter the apple and cut out the core, so I think I'd do that anyway just to be on the safe side.  

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Thank You Both

Unfortunatly they like the apples whole (they are not spoiled at all.....hehe) that way the apples are not only a snack... but a really messy toy ;)

If the apples arent whole, lol... they wont touch them.... it's ridiculous but in all fairness, a cheap half our of peace =)

Thanks again!
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