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Beaglier and Syringomyelia?

My father is looking to buy a puppy that is a beagle and king Charles cavalier mix. I'm aware that up to 50% of cavaliers have a disease called syringomyelia where their heads are too small for their brains. This is apparently a painful and debilitating disease. I also know that cavaliers are also prone to valve problems and heart murmers.

My father wanted to buy a mutt to try and decrease the likelihood of buying an animal that would suffer from genetic diseases. Our last dog, a poodle, died at six years of age because of an inherited genetic defect. I was wondering if buying a beagle and cavalier mix would lessen the likelihood that the animal would have the diseases associated with the cavalier.
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I don't know about those "designer dogs" I'll tell you, I have an American Bulldog (purebred) that has had way more problems than my mutley Oscar. It seems like breeders are just trying to come out with more and more of these "mixes". There are so many now. I am not trying to talk bad because your dad is considering one of these dogs. Has he checked out the humane society? There are always so many dogs there that need a home. He might just find one that suits him perfectly! Just a thought though....With these new breeds you never know what problems may arise or what might not.....Good luck
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Hmm... Well, he's actually thinking of adopting this puppy. I'm not sure if it was created by a breeder or not, but he found it through an organisation like the humane society. So, I have no idea what will come of it, but thanks for the advice! I'm still hoping someone out there knows something about syringomyelia...
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If you can, try posting in the "ask a vet" forum. The Dr there might know about that condition. Good luck
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