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My family lost a precious and loyal member of our family last night, her name was Bella. She was half black lab and half border collie who would have been 9 years old this Christmas. We found her when she was just 2 weeks old at the Bonnie Hays Shelter in Hillsboro, OR. She was attacked by a malamute dog on Labor Day. She had 2 deep puncture wounds on her left hip area which we doctored with Neosporin cream and she was healing well. Last night she started vomiting around 10:30, 3 or 4 times. We went to bed after we got her settled and thought she was fine. When we woke up this morning we found her dead lying on the floor between our desk,  where she always laid everyday while we were on our computers. There was lots of vomit all over our living room area and her bed. There also was poop that had jelly-like clots of bloody muchousy stuff in her poop. The poop where she was lying on the floor  was also jelly-like consistency. We are heart broken as she was like our child in every way.
What could have happened to our precious girl, please help us answer this heartbreaking question if you can in anyway. All of this happened so suddenly that we are in shock. What did we miss, could we have saved our precious baby.

Thank you
Pleas ASAP!!
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Hi. It sounds like she maybe got into something and ate it. Labs are notorious for eating things they shouldn't. Maybe part of a plant, something in the garden, home cleaning chemicals or human medicinal products or plastic objects. There may also have been an ongoing but so far undiagnosed illness, but you may never know about that possibility (without a necropsy being performed).

I am very sorry for your heartfelt loss.

Run free Bella.

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also with the bloody stool parvo?
maybe a bad infection due to the wounds? without an autopsy its hard to say
my friends dog ate an effexor her daughter dropped and had a similar situation
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So sorry. Breaks my heart to read it. My guess is that this may have been a case where oral anti biotics may have been needed. Who know what infection may have been transmitted by the puncture wounds. As they age it becomes harder to fight infections by themselves.  
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