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Bladder Infection Or Stones?

Hi All,
My two year old female Corgi is peeing a lot and had an accident in the house yesterday. There was some blood in the urine. It was very diluted and looks as if it came out as she was almost done, there was a large puddle of urine and then two droplets of urine and blood. This happened in Feb. also, after a vet visit and 350 bucks later, they said she had a bladder infection. ( she is fixed)

What could be causing this to reoccur? Could she have stones? In Feb. she got really bad, and even after we started giving her the medicine and special food, it seemed to get worse before it got better. She was in pain and was wanting out every 5 minutes. Becuase there was snow on the ground I could see she was peeing a very little bit, but there was bright red blood droplets after she peed. She had an accident in the house and there was a blood clot about half the size of a pea, which to me almost looked like a stone. She seemed better after this happened. She has been fine up until Saturday when I noticed her peeing a lot again.

My husband bought puppy chow by mistake ( 30lb bag) and I am wondering if there is too much protien in the food and causing this? I have a 3 yr old male Corgi eating the same food, he is overweight and doesnt need the extra calories, but no pee problems. They eat Solid Gold food, so its a good quality food.  Any suggestions??
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Thank you.

They are a handful and thensome.
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Hey Red931 - Thanks so much for the response! I was thinking the same thing, I even called the vet today, but they apparently were taking an extra day off for the holiday! I will try and follow behind her with dish and collect some urine....thats always fun! :) But, I love my fur-babies and would do anything for them! I'll let you know what they say....

Thanks and hope your feeling better!! I read your profile. Your dogs are adorable!!!
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My female Bully gets bladder infections every now and then. She had two in 2008 but never passed blood.

The only way you will know for sure if your dog has stones is with an UltraSound. This can be quite expensive so you may want to see if she responds to antibiotics again first.

Seeing as you are catching it early this time you might want to run a sample over to the Vet for a Culture and get the dog's prescription refilled to get her on the medication asap.

I don't know that the food would cause the infection but anything is possible.

I personally do not give my dogs tap water at all. I have found over the years that my dogs that drank tap water always ended up with liver problems. After two in a row I switched all the rest to filtered or purified water. I won't give anything to the dogs that I don't even drink myself. God knows what chemicals are in tap water that could cause all different problems for them and us.
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