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Bladder stone surgery after surgery

I had taken my dog to his old vet because he wasn't acting normal (sad and lethargic) and she told me that Rocky a Maltese who is 10 years old had a stone in his bladder after a series of tests and us insisting that something was wrong (which she didn't believe). She had us bringing him back and forth and giving us all kinds of medicine and special food to try and dissolve them. Every time we took our dog to her she would either lose the paperwork, think he was a she..it was just a mess. Finally we decided that we would go to a different vet after she spilled his urine sample all over his paperwork. The new vet saw Rocky and said that he would do surgery the next day. He did the surgery and took out two stones (which the last vet said it was only one) and said "he is all set we checked everything and he has no more stones." This was not even three weeks ago...yesterday my mom said Rocky seemed to be not doing too well so we took him back to the new vet who did the surgery. They found another stone in his urethra, he could have died if we didn't take him. They offered to preform another surgery for free tomorrow and apologized for their mistakes. we are going to do this surgery because we feel like we don't have a choice. How could a vet preform a surgery and not check everywhere. This has been a three month ongoing sad and stressful time for all of us. Rocky means so much to my family and I, I hope he pulls through surgery tomorrow. If anyone can help me please email me at ***@**** thanks.
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Hi. I am sorry both you and Rocky is going through this stressful period, and that two lots of surgery have been required, hopefully which will resolve the problem and return him to feeling better and healthy again. Stones can be missed, either because they are small and not obstructing anything - or because of an error (vets are human and occasionally they do miss something). Stones tend to be more serious in male dogs, because they can block the urine passage, which is a situation far less common in females. The other problem is that some dogs are 'stone producers', and this means even when the surgery is completed, you will need to 'manage' his condition for life. This will certainly involve a new kidney-stone specific diet - which your vet should fully explain to you, but if they don't, you MUST ask about it.

Let us know how Rocky goes with the surgery. Fingers crossed it all goes well.

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