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Blood from dogs penis !!


My 4 year old Cocker Spaniel is neutered. The story is I found him lying down licking his privates and he was panting quite hard.

So I went to see what was going on, he was still panting and a little bit of blood came out on my hand. So I was really worried about what the matter was with him !!
Later I saw one of the soft toys with some blood on, and I do wonder if he has humped it ? What do you think ?

Is this to be any of worry or not ? What do you think it is ?

Thankyou !!!
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Welcome.....Any blood from any area is NOT normal (Unless it's a heat cycle in a female).....So, yes there is cause for concern......Panting hard is usually  associated w/pain!

My first thought is your guy has a UTI and needs to be treated....Left unattended, these infections can migrate to the Bladder & Kidneys which are harder to treat....Oral antibiotics will be given & a recheck of urine in a couple of weeks to make sure the infection is cleared......

It's also possible that your guy is experiencing A Bladder/Kidney Stone....These seem to be common and will also cause bleeding.......

Either way, you need to have him seen by a Vet ASAP.....Neither of these issues will get better on their own, they will only get worse......

Let us know what you find out & good luck!   Karla

P.S. Both conditions described above are extremely PAINFUL!
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Totally agree with Karla.  Could be a number of things including stones
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