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Boston Terrier skin problem

I think my 4 year old male Boston Terrier may have seasonal allergies.  Just in the past few weeks he's been having trouble, and I understand the pollen count is very high in my area this spring, so my husband and I thought it's possible he's got allergies just like we do.  His eyes run, and sometimes it's watery and sometimes it's a kind of gel-like goop.  It seems as though they run down his face along the folds in his cheeks and now those folds look very raw and sore (although he doesn't seem to be scratching his face and he isn't in pain.  He's as playful as ever and eating well.)  Also sometimes he looks as though his nose is running. (I didn't even think that happened with dogs!)  I have heard of giving children's benadryl to dogs for allergies.  This happened to him to a lesser degree last spring, and since he also had an ear infection at that time we took him to the vet.  All the vet said was that the pills he gave us for the ear infection should clear up the raw skin folds as well, which they did.  He didn't mention if it was caused by allergies, and we didn't ask because at the time we didn't realize dogs could have that.  Does this sound like an allergy problem, and is there anything else I can do for him?
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I do not own a Boston Terrier, different breed, and unfamiliar, I have Chihuahuas, but one of mine has severe allergies, and we take her to get a shot once a year and it works for the whole season, no itching, no watery eyes, but certain pedigrees have more nose/eyes/ears issues than others....The vet did say, they can only give that shot periodically and not too often...like once every 6 months, it could have been a steroid shot, those are the best of meds...
Someone will probably post comments on some other remedies for you, yes, Benedryl can be given to dogs, but, its the wieght per amount of medicine you need to know..Call your vet and ask over phone their suggestions...
This is a very good website for advice, stay w/them, and you'll will get plenty of suggestions...give you little friend a big hug for me:o)
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Thank you for your response!  I've had a chihuahua in the past and she was a beautiful, sweet dog.  I appreciate your input on my poor Boston's facial skin problems.

Any Boston owners out there or others who have any insight on this?
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