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Brown discharge from my labs nipple

I have a Labrador Retriever that is almost 5 years old.  She has had 3 previous litters and may be pregnant with her fourth although we did not see her and our male get tied.  If she is pregnant she would be due for almost a month.  I noticed some brownish discharge from one of her nipples.  There is no lump or hardness at all.  She did get mastitis with her last litter but not in this area.  I tried expressing it to see if it would eventually stop but it doesn't seem to be.  She is an otherwise very healthy dog.  She's at a great weight, her temp is normal, and her mood seems normal.  I have an appointment with the vet on the 11th of May to do an x-ray to see if she's pregnant.  Should I just have them check it them or should I schedule a sooner one to have this looked at?
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If there is no swelling or redness of the actual breast then it can probably wait till the 11th. But I would mention this to the vet. It may well be hormonal, but my dog used to get this at certain times during her heat cycle. She was "entire" too, and had borne a litter in her early years. She sometimes would get that brownish discharge slightly from one large nipple, yet at the time had no lumps or swelling.
Then about 4 years ago she developed a small round lump near the affected nipple. Needle-biopsies showed it to be benign, so we opted to leave it.
She was then spayed 2 years ago. However, the little lump grew, and when it was removed (February this year) the lab. biopsy showed that it had become partly cancerous. As a result, her lower mammary tissue was completely removed March 27th.
Now she recovered well and is still very well. I am very glad.

I'm not saying all that to scare you, but just to make you aware that's what happened in her case, and what can sometimes be behind discharges like this. If a small lump is discovered which might be causing this discharge, then my advice would be (benign or not) to opt for its removal.
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