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I have recently moved onto an apartment form a house where my terrier(2 years old)......had the run of the yard..I am still trying to housebreak her so she is caged during the day. I am now getting complaints from the neighbors that she is barking  no stop while I am at work. I have tried leaving the radio or TV on for her but nothing seems to work......PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
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Well cant figure this out at all why wasn't your dog house trained before you moved to an apartment.?It  only takes about a week or less.You cant leave her in a cage what if she wants to relieve herself  does she have to sit in it ?.A dog that has never been put in a cage before and has  run free would be going through hell.
You will soon be asked to get rid of her.The only thing I can come up with is that you must get her out of that cage and try to  take her for a walk before you go to work and as soon as you come home do the same thing.
That should limit her making a mistake and put newspapers down when you are not there.And remember this is of your making not your dog.
I hope the other members can offer some better ideas as I think that no good for an animal to be on its own shut up in an apartment all day long let alone a cage.Sorry.
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Maybe I should have put in a little more detail. She had a doggy door before..so she could come and go as she pleased....I have tried the doggy pads you can buy in the pet stores and put them down for her to go on but she actually holds until I take her out. I do walk her before I go ti work..and a friend comes over twice a day and walks her. I take her out as soon as I get home from work. But as soon as the door closes..she starts barking. I hate leaving her in a cage all day too....but I just don't know what to do...which is why I am asking for help......I know they will ask me to get rid of her if I don't come up with a solution....
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Sorry Gordy, she is having separation anxiety which is very common.Could your friend look after her while you are at work?
The only other solution which I am loathe to mention but it seems its the only other way is to let her have the run of the flat and ask your vet for a mild sedative to calm her down
to get her into the habit of being on her own.Oh and go to an op shop and buy her plenty of safe toys to keep her amused,also a kong or similar stuffed with goodies that should take her a while to get them out to munch on.

Other than that I do not know what to suggest,I do hope that there are others on here that can help with advice as I see now you really care.Please let us know how you go.

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Thank You..I feel so bad because i do care about her so much.....I forgot about the kong...I put her in the kitchen today while I was at work to give her more room...and just blocked it off so she couldn't run all over.....she actually jumped the boxes and peed on the carpet even tho I had the doggie pads...food....water and her toys in the kitchen....My friend can only come over twice a day because she works also.....I will try the kong tho...they always seem to work well....and as a last resort a trip to the vet for a sedative..which I also hate to think about....but thank you for your help..and any other suggestions.....I will you updated.....Thank you again......
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Well you are getting there that's great.

Urine smell, get soda water and sprinkle over the stain leave for an hour if old !and sponge up till nearly dry the soda neutralizes the urine so no smell.
If caught short BiCarb of soda with cheap white vinegar one teaspoon of soda and cup of vinegar mix well treat as usual.
Get something better to shut kitchen off don't forget soft rug,must be done.
Get that kong or similar also go to the pet shop and see what the latest things they have to keep a dog busy like that as they are getting better.Write the names down and google them as they should be a lot cheaper .
I am at home most of the time with my dogs but to keep them entertained I put a bit of peanut butter in a kong for  them as they little bics come out too quick mix the p.butter with them and its a lot harder ...they love it.
First thing in the morning take her for a RUN gets her tired for a while and gets you fit lol.
Are you near a park where you can throw a ball ??.I am treating you as a mere male
I do not mean to be bossy,forgive me if I sound like that but I want you to keep your little girl as I know you care, just covering all scenario's
If anyone on here has got any ideas come on down please.
Does she like soft toys or does she rip them up? my G.Retriever has a good collection I let him have one at a time ,His fav is a black teddy bear.Maybelle my clumber has plenty of
rubber balls and Oscar my other Clumber loves his Squeaky toys he loves to make a racket with them.
I know I know ....but they give me so much joy.lol.

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Hello...Seeana has given you all of my suggestions already....I was going to suggest a larger area such as a laundry room or kitchen (vinyl floor) with a baby gate........If you had the front so blocked (With boxes)  that she couldn't SEE out, that may have been the problem....Since now we know she's a jumper, you need 2 baby gates...One on top of the other....
They are inexpensive, valuable to have & she can see through them........

Keep in mind, this all is a HUGE adjustment for her....She will figure it out....Hopefully, before the neighbors blow a fuse!  ;)

The kong is perfect.....Freeze the contents....Makes them last longer!

The sedative:  I have lived through a similiar problem....My dog was given "Prozac" for just a few months.....The theory was to calm him enough till he could "change his way of thinking" and realize the situation at hand, was OK....

IT did work and I never saw any side effects......I now keep it on hand for Thunderstorm anxiety for him and one of my others.......It did NOT knock him out, just calmed him enough that he could live in "Peace" so to speak......I wouldn't hesitate to use it under your circumstances....

Most of all: Thank you for NOT leaving her behind when you had to move!!!!!!!   Karla
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There you go, you have put the icing on the cake and how,Great idea's.I suggested what to do! You suggested how to do.
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Thank You sooo much for the suggestions and help!!! I wish i would have remembered how great the kongs are....Gordy (the dog in the picture)..has always had one...and it's his best friend...well..besides me..:)
I have now made some changes and the walk in the morning is a longer.....she is such a little ball of energy.....Hopefully I can work with her on her issues...she is such a sweetheart...I would like to avoid the medication....but I will keep you updated,,,,
Thank You again...
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See My Puggle on this page didnt think of that.Smell isent that bad for in the house.Dogs dont like it though.
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Someone had suggested the bark collar to me and I was horrified.......How cruel!!! I have never heard of the Smell isent collar..I will Google it.........Sounds like we are getting closer!!!!!!!!!  :)
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Its been used for years in Aus to great effect and it does not hurt at all,in fact there has never been a complaint only  positive  reviews.In fact they sell them everywhere now.
Just make sure you get one that really works ! use the net to find that out as well.
Gordy will soon get the message.
                                               Please still       keep in touch... in fact it could help others on here with the same problem.
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You guys might not want to hear this but I wanted to share my experience with the citrinella spray bark collar.  My (not the smartest) chihuahua learned to outsmart it.  He would bark the run around the smell.  All he had to do was switch direction:)  It stopped having any effect after a day and made my dog smell horrible.  I've heard of other dogs outsmarting them too.  I ended up returning it and trying a shock collar (go ahead and boo at me) but let me tell you, it turned his life around.  He would bark so much that he would get himself into what I would call "code red".  The  more he barked the more his anxiety increased.  His barking was always when we were out on a walk and we saw other people as well as dogs.  I adopted him when he was 2 from a house that had mastiffs.  He had a HUGE fear of other dogs and humans.  I took him out once with the collar, he learned right away his barking was causing the negative consequence (yes not very nice)  But the nice part was that he then learned the positives of being a calm dog.  He would get lots of attention from humans (this is like crack for him) and could have fun with other dogs.  

So yes............ it may be a little extreme but in the past I been told that if he were a bigger dog, I would be forced to put him under for his aggression (which was completely based off of fear).  I now have a dog who can go for a walk and make friends with any human he comes across and enjoy all the attention he gets.  He gets a little skeptical of other dogs but will avoid them and remain calm.  He is a much happier dog and his owner is a much happier human:)  *********  He doesn't wear the collar anymore.  He wore it for about a week but only got shocked the one time in the beginning.  
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I agree with the poster who said don't cage them up. That makes your dog a virtual prisoner.
  If he had the run of the house & now he's caged, well, go figure, no wonder he's barking so much.

Do this! Get yourself a doggie gate and put it at the entrance to the kitchen. You don't even need to have a door to the kitchen, just a bit of a narrow opening.. and some of the doggie gates are several feet wide. I've tried boxes too with our puppies, but they jumped them too.. the doggie gates, the ASPCA makes them are pretty good and you can even get one that lets your cats in, so they can play or be with your puppy.

Hope that helps. ALSO HAVING TOYS WILL HELP THE DOGGIE. HE'LL HAVE SOMETHING TO DO... Get a good rawhide bone, not just the cheap ones from China and at least he'll have somethign to do for awhile.
Good luck.
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