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My poodle had Cushings Disease in the most severe form. Now,  three months after treating my Julie with TRILOSTANE.. I recieved the call from my Vet who said her numbers are now back to NORMAL.
Whoo Hoo... I am so happy.
To all of you out there who look at Cushings as a dismal disease...here is your savior. TRILOSTANE!!
This drug is great & the most my 13.5 lb poodle was on is 22.5 mg.  NO side effects at all. I saw a change after the first month.  Julie's body hair was growing back. WOW was I ever happy. Little by littlie I saw many other symptoms go away. She is back to herself. Thank you God.
I had The TRILOSTANE compounded by a online pharmacy in N.J..  My Vet contacted them & approved it.
It is available in chicken flavor pill form or capsule form. I had to switch to capsule & disguise it in mashed sweet potato.  No problem. I crushed the pill & Julie hated it...no-matter how I hid it. So I switched to the capsule & that was great.

Cushings is NOT a death sentence, contrary to what people here have said, so please have hope for your dog.
But.......please try TRILOSTANE...NOT Lisodren, which is way too dangerous.
Julie is still always hungry & drinking less, but we think the hunger is a habit now.
I have her on a low protein diet We have to see if the protein count is down. My Vet thinks that high protein count may be from Cushings.
She has to be tested for that, in the future. Hopefully it's not Kidney Disease. For today, I am a happy woman.

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Oh Sandra! That is such good news about your Julie! I am so pleased to hear this. You must be very happy that she is feeling better now, and the worries have gone.

Thanks for telling us about Trilostane. If ever Misty(hopefully she won't) -needs treatment for Cushing's I shall definitely remember that.
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That is so good to know that the Cushing's can go away.  I was just told yesterday that My Shih-Tzu that is12 years old has Cushing's I was so scared for her.  She just started on Trilostane yesterday.   I hope she gets to feeling better soon. Thanks for the good news.
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Hi, bella. If you have time, please could you update us with what happens while your dog is taking Trilostane? That would be great. I would be very interested, and I'm sure there are many people here whose dogs have been diagnosed with Cushing's, who would also like to know.

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Sorry people, I made a mistake. Cushings Disease is never cured, unless it's a tumor in the adrenal gland & it's successfully surgically removed. Many dogs cannot survive the surgery. Some do. My Julie's is better..her numbers came back alot better. She will never be cured..she has to stay on Trilostane the rest of her life. Cushings can reek havock on the dogs body & hopefully the meds will get it under control, but it won't cure it. Julie will always have to be tested. She is now in the hospital with a severe bout of Pancreatitis...for the 2nd time. This never ends.
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I would be cautious about our optimism regarding Tilostane.  I too had a Cushing dog about 5 years ago and was importing this costly product from England.  We put the dog on the drug and immediately saw such an improvement we could not believe it.  However, the improvement lasted for about 3 months and the dog then took a dramatic and rapid decline such that we had to put him down.  This disease really is highly individualistic in these dogs and what I have found works for one dog may not work well for another.  I noticed a number of folks posting that their dogs appear incoherent at times.  This disease can cause these animals from what I am told to have mild strokes so I would always have some baby aspirin on hand and the minute you notice the dogs gait or blinking function of their eye not be normal give them some aspirin.

I have just had another dog diagnosed borderline with the disease but this time around I am going to try another product called Evitex (Emerald Valley manufacturer) that has been used successfully in horses.  I believe I caught this disease early on in this dog which I think plays a big part in your success for treatment.  The last dog I believe was diagnosed to late in the disease process and that is why the Trilostane may not have worked as well.  Evitex has been used quite successfully for borderline cases for equines, I have experience with it as do a number of other owners with elderly horses.  When this second dog of mine was diagosed I sat down with the vet and this is what we decided we would try.  I began treating this dog 1 month ago and have seen improvement in decrease in appetite, water consumption, and for the first time in 6 months she jumped up on a coach.  I plan to treat the dog for 4 months with this product and then go back for another set of blood tests.  Will update this group with her progress.  
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Yes please do let us know your dog's progress on Evitex. Cushing's is a nasty thing to happen to a dog, and anything that really helps would be good to know about.
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