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Can dogs eat Raw Pumpkin?

Is it ok for my German Shepherd pup to eat raw pumpkin? I was scooping some out tonight to make pumpkin seeds and she was going nuts from the smell. I gave her a little taste and she loved it! Is it ok?

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I'm not aware of any problems with pumpkin and dogs, and as long as it was a "little taste" there shouldn't be a problem.  How old is your pup?  I love Shepherds!
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It should be fine but just a warning. Pumpkin can act as a great laxative!
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Lets just say my dog has eaten everything under the sun, I mean everything from cat poop, baby formula, dirty diapers, takes food off the table when no one is looking I mean I can go on and on, I surprised she's still alive with all the stuff she has eaten. So I don't think A little bit of pumpkin will hurt her, Heck I'm surprised my dog hasnt eaten our pumpkin we have sitting on our window.
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Im sure theres nothing to worry about! my brothers dog use to eat socks and underwear! But she died so i wouldnt suggest letting them. Then again they dont know what she died of for sure.
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My dogs eat canned 100% pumpkin with every meal and have for years.  Pumpkin is great for their skin, coats and adds fiber to their diet.  
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We have 2 German Shepherds. Our younger dog just loves sweet potatoes. Go figure. The older one turns his nose up at them.  
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