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Canine with enlarged liver - seeking advice
To anyone who can provide any help, thanks in advance!

My female (spayed) mixed cocker-spaniel dog around the age of 8, Lucy, suddenly became ill about a week and a half ago. She would vomit clear, yellow liquid each day and each subsequent day would eat less and become weaker. She was able to be taken to the vet the following Tues and blood work and urinalysis were taken. The blood work came back relatively normal in the sense that her glucose was lower (but she hadn't eaten in 2 days) and her bicarb was up (vomiting), but her liver enzymes were high. I noticed her drinking and peeing more than usual (polyuria/polydipsia) along with seemingly pale gums. I am a nurse and my first thoughts were diabetes or Cushing's or something similar. She hadn't shown a swollen belly like you would generally see in Cushing's, though. She had lost 2 pounds by the time the x-ray was performed on Friday and the vet said she saw an enlarged liver. She performed an bile acid test and we waiting for the results either tomorrow or Tues. She told me to make her a bland diet like chicken with rice/potatoes to help her get some nourishment. She gave Lucy some subcutaneous fluids and put the dog on 5mg Prednisone to make her feel better and to get her to eat, along with Pepcid 5mg to help with her stomach. Since she has been on those since Friday, she has definitely been able to eat more and keep it all down. She has not had any bowel movements yet since she has been eating well the past 2 and half days. She lays around all day except to get up and walk to the door to be let out to pee. The vet thinks it is liver cancer but she can't really give me a diagnosis without sending me to a specialist to get an ultrasound, etc. I am trying my hardest to work out some finances to make this happen (she told me the minimum of me walking out of the specialist office would be a bill of $1500. YIKES.)

If anyone has seen anything like this I would love to hear! Waiting to hear results from tests feels like the longest wait ever and I am just trying my best to make my dog feel better in the meantime so any suggestions for food that is helpful for liver function would be greatly appreciated!
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