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Cavalier Potty Problems or is it Health?

Have a 14 week Cavalier, got her at 12 weeks.  This is the most frustrating pup to train that I’m at the end my rope.  Have her restricted to just part of the house, with a gate.  Take her outside and sometimes we go and sometimes not.  But either way, it seems that within an hour she’ll pee or wait until she’s inside to pee or poop.  Praise hasn’t worked.  Putting her in her pen and taking her outside first hasn’t worked.  Don’t know if she’s just stubborn or could she have a health issue?  Any ideas would be great as I can say I’ve never encountered this situation before.
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You could take her to the Vet to rule out any possible health issues.
She is still a puppy and you have only had her a short time.  Sine dogs just potty train faster then others.  Good idea to limit her area.  Pups will usually do their business when first waking up, after eating and playing.  Make sure to take her out then.  If you have to, take her out every hour.  If you can, watch her and as soon as she acts like she is going to go, take her outside.  If you can establish a routine, that should help.  Hope she catches on.  Routines and patience may be your best bet.  Good luck and please come back to update.
Is she crate trained at all?
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