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Chronic Failure

Dear All,

Type of Animal:  Dog Female (Golden Lebrador)
Age of Animal: 4 years
City: Chandigarh
Country: India
Disease: Chronic Kidney Failure

This is my first post and I am not sure if I am posting in the right section of this wonderful forum. I am a owner for 4 year lovely Golden Lebrador and her name is 'Amber'. The bad new is she has been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney failure by my Vet Trust me we all broke down into tears when we heard this news. I have been taking her to my vet for past 2 months. The problem is she has lost more than 6 KG of her weight and she is no more active like she used to be before. She sleeps whole day and drinks a lot of water (Which is good as per online articles). The problem with Amber is she eats food for 2-3 days and then suddenly she stops eating and becomes very weak. She has stopped vomiting though which is a good sign.

Here are the latest test results:

Liver Function Test
Investigation                       Result             Units

S. Bilirubin (Total):               0.10               mg/dl
Conjugated (Direct Bilirubin):      0.04               mg%
Unconjugated In Dir. Bilirubin:     0.12               mg%
S.G.O.T (AST):                      34                 Units/L
S.G.P.T (ALT):                      24                 Units/L
Alkaline Phosphate:                 52                 U/L
Total Proteins:                     5.2                g/dl
Albumin:                            0.2                gm/dl
Clobulin:                           4.20               gm/dl
A/G Ratio:                          0.04

Biochemical Test

Investigation                       Result             Units
Blood Urea                          205 MG             mg%
Method: UREASE

Blood Urea Nitrogen                 95.79 mg           mg%
Serum Creatinine                    6.97 mg            mg%
Method: JAFFE~S Method

I would really appreciate if you guys can let me know all the best homemade recipes you know to lower down the level of Bun and Creatinine and  supplements which can help her to gain some weight as we can't see her so weak.  We are doing everything we could do. I am sure she will recover as 'Miracles happen to those who believe in them'.
Thanks in advance!

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So sorry to hear about this and esp in such a young dog. Yes, I started a thread a few days ago on renal disease, diets, etc. so look further down.  I will copy what I started with

The subject of renal disease and failure have come up on this forum before.  I am dealing with it myself in our 12 year old Greyhound.  I have been working with my Vet but also went to my Greyhound Boards for information (lots of helpful info and members there) and contacted Dr. Dodds and she was nice enough to correspond with me and gave advice.  The first thing she told me was to NOT put him on a prescription ID food (which I had picked up at my Vet). I will include some of what she sent me:

Prescription diets are not the way to treat them . We give a grain-free lower fat senior diet -- like Wellness Super5 Mix for seniors or Eagle Holistic Select for seniors, or Natural balance or Taste-of-the-Wild etc.   You can add the canned version of these food or just add the cooked chicken and  rice [be sure you steam brown rice twice as long as white rice so he can digest the hulls] like you’ve been doing.

To help with any low-grade GI tract irritation, you should continue Pepcid-AC twice daily at  20 mg each time , given about 30 minutes before he eats.
Note, this is the dose for my Greyhound. A small dog would be less.

he’ll need sub-Q [or IV at the vet clinic] fluids twice weekly for several weeks – sub-Q fluids are easy to give, and they may even be able to teach you how to give them at home. This will no doubt perk him up and restore his appetite. He does not need kidney biopsy to diagnose the typical aging sighthound kidneys.   IF his BUN is very high, they could give him Azodyl supplement to help bring it down. If his blood pressure is high from the kidney disease, that can be easily treated too. Also, drugs to bind phosphorus may help, if his phosphorus is high.
Note:  My Vet does not think our Grey needs IV fluids at this time.  He is on BP meds to keep the pressure down in the kidneys and he has been tolerating that well.

So, latest studies (at least at early stages) state that is not necessarily the amount of protein you have to watch for but the phosphorus levels.  She suggested various foods that are low in phosphorus.  I have been feeding Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato (sweet potato are lower in phosphorus then regular potato). I also give him a little canned of the same.  Tripe is good for them and can  be used.  The regular tripe stinks like heck but I think it's Wellness that sells a canned green tripe.  I have been feeding that also.  

Here is a very good link about kidney issues and diets, etc.  Good information. Hope this helps some.  
So hard watching our pets get old and trying to treat their issues of aging.

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by Margot49
, Apr 12, 2011 02:46PM
To: Margot49
I meant to add that the Pepcid often helps with stomach issues.  Actually, a nurse who is on my boards used to take care of dialysis human patients and she said they are often very nauseated so the Pepcid helps, which makes sense.
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Hello & welcome.....I'm so sorry to hear about your girl...Please read a thread that will have lots of information for you....It's on this forum's opening page about 11-12 posts down from yours....It's Titled:  "4th Stage Renal Failure In Dog".

There will be things posted that can help you....Beware: There are things that will make you cry, too....It's a long thread, but you need to read it.....

Till then, I'm hoping others in this forum will drop in to give you support and information.....Good luck and do come back......I'll be thinking about you both.....Karla

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Thanks for valuable support and information Carla and Margo.
Amber has not been doing well for last couple of days. She has lost her weight drastically and not even eating properly. Also she is throwing foam like stuff. I will be taking her to my vet tomorrow.
My vet says it’s surprising to see such a young dog having chronic kidney failure. It's been tough going for both Amber and my family members. I am not sure if this disease is curable or she can even recover. Trust me we all love her like mad and even all the kids in my society were crying after watching the condition of Amber. She used to be very active and loved playing with the kids for more than an hour daily. She still loves playing soccer with kids. :)

Do you guys know any vet who can help me online to save my girl from this trouble? I am willing to do anything to save her.

Is she in stage 4 of Chronic Kidney failure? Are there any chances that she can recover from this? There are lots of such questions running in my mind at the moment. I am sorry to throw up too many questions at one go but I am sure you guys can understand my situation here. I would really appreciate your support and information on the same.

Thanks in advance!

Sunil Singh
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Amber is doing well today and looking active as well. And her appetite has gone up suddenly; she is asking us to feed more. But I am not sure if it will be good to give her large diet in this condition. At the moment we are giving her 4-5 small diets every day.
Are there any healthy homemade snacks we can give her in between?

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Found this Link for treat ideas............There is one recipe for homemade treats included....Looks good.......Karla

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Thanks a lot karla. I am gonna try this today.

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Fabulous Link for home cooked diets......Has a whole section on Renal Disease Diets.....



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