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Chronic Kidney Failure

My 8 year old dog has late stage chronic kidney failure.  She was diagnosed just over three weeks ago.  We were shocked to hear this news because she just started showing signs of nausea about a week earlier (no other signs before).  BUN 83, Creatinine 6.0, and Phosphorus 8.5 (her levels lowered after 48 hours of IV).  She is anemic and has pancreatitis and a UTI as well.  She has been struggling with loss of appetite (weight loss) and vomiting.  I have been giving her daily Sub-Q fluids, Epikitin, Famotidine (10mg), and she is on an antibiotic for her UTI--for two days an appetite stimulant. Her blood was tested again 23 days later and her BUN 87, Creatinine 6.2, and Phosphorus 9.8

Her diet started out as Hills diet G/D (not K/D because of her pancreatitis).  She has lost ~4.5 pounds since she was diagnosed.  I have tried a homecooked diet specialized for kidney failure while also considering her pancreatitis. Still struggling to get her to eat.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to handle this?
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Welcome to the forum...I'm so sorry to hear about your little one...Shocking is an understatement!!! We're glad your here....   We have a multitude of information on KD & KF in this regular dog forum that has been here for years......However, we also have a newly formed Kidney Failure Group that will help you tremendously........Please, have a look & join the group.....Tony, the leader is wonderful & formulated the group......Here's the link

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Thank you so much! I have joined that group and Tony has started informing me about CKF! So much help!!
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Great...I'll be over there to watch........Hang in there....Karla
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