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Chronic Pancreatitis

I have a 15 mo old chihuahua/rat terrier mix who has been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis.    She is also overweight which i know can worsen the condition and I've been exercising her more. But what I'd like to know is there a diet that is best for her with her condition?  I'm not convinced that the prescription diet she's on is the best and she doesn't like the taste so is not eating well.
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What is she eating now?  I was told years ago when our dog had pancreatitis that the best thing we could do for her is not feed  table scraps or junk food snacks.  She was overweight, and we would give her the occasional cookie or potato chip.  We stopped.  What type of dog food do you give her?
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She gets absolutly no more snacks and she was on the vet prescribed RC digestive health dog food, but she doesn't like it and wouldn't eat well and still had occassional stomach upset.  I had just recently switched her to an all natural dog food called evo.  I started thinking that maybe it wasn't the food but something in it like a preservative.  It has only been couple of weeks but so far she hasn't thrown up, but I was wondering if anyone else had used a diet that worked well.  I was also considering a prepared diet such as boiled chicken and vegetables, but wasn't sure if I needed to go that route yet.  
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Fat is the enemy where pancreatitis is concerned.  My own personal opinion of prescription diets is that they aren't formulated for chronic conditions, whether for pancreatitis, kidne failure or anything else.  They really should really only be used for short-term, acute problems rather than a chronic illness.

Read the label on the prescription food and compare it to ingredients in other high-quality foods like Evo.  If your dog does fine on a quality commercial food, that's great!  If not, you'll need to supplement with vitamin tablets. Certainly you'll need nutrient supplements if you need to resort to a homemade diet.

You may have to do quite a bit of experimentation with diet before you land on an effective solution.  Chronic pancreatitis can be managed with strict attention to low fat intake, but it's always possible for an acute attack to rear its ugly head with no warning.  That's simply the nature of a twitchy pancreas.  Once a dog (or human for that matter) has an acute episode, it's likely to happen again at some point - even years later.  That said, there is no reason that your dog can't live a normal life span with a great quality of life.

Again, fats are to be avoided, which is why junk food and human food is contraindicated.  Dogs need a certain amount of digestible fat to be healthy, but sudden increases as in french fries or other tables scraps must be avoided at all costs.
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I believe the Evo that you tried your dog on is a pretty good choice.  We recently switched ours from Beneful ( which is junk) to Evo, and she loves it.  I'm not sure what you have to look for in the ingredients though because of the pancreatitis, but it has no grain, which is a plus.
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I'm so glad you both mentioned Evo since that is what I decided to switch her to and I hope it works.  I had recently heard too that grain was bad for dogs so I couldn't believe it when I saw it in her prescription food that was supposed to be for digestion.  I'm glad to know that I'm on the right track. She really likes her new food too.  this is the first time I've seen her eat her whole serving at once.  She used to just pick at her food.
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I am glad I found this post! I am driving myself crazy with my chiweenie's chronic  pancreatitis.  I have triend just about every kind out food out there. Nothing has worked either she couldnt stand te food or it would cause a flare up. I have been feeding her boiled chicken lately and she is doing fine with that but i am not sure if it is going to help her or hurt her in the long run. I have not tried evo however is there a certain kind of evo i should try? I hate seeing my baby in pain it just kills me!!! Not to mention my vet bills are sky high because of all her flare ups. ButI would pay any amount of money for my sweet baby to be healthy and happy!!!
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