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Chronic ReOccurring Throat Infection - Please Help - Vets unable to diagnose source

My dog has a chronic throat infection since 8mo. and is now 4 yrs old.  It's very bad again.  She's had scopes down throat, cultures, blood tests and taken to Michigan State Small Animal Hospital for cat scan and more tests.    Antibiotics don't totally clear it and it comes back. I almost wonder if it' ever goes away, but that possibly the antibiotics, pain med, and antibiotics helps it get better for awhile but not enough to totally clear the problem. She chokes, gags badly when drinking water, sometimes gags/and throws up, stretches mouth, and tongue, loss of appetite.  It's really bad right now.  Does anyone have an idea what it could be?  May be coincidental but she acts like it hurts to walk on the damp grass (maybe her muscles are sore from being sick)?  I have 6 pages from MSU and regular vet on these reoccurrences if anyone wants. Thank you for any thoughts and suggestions.
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Has the vet checked her tonsils? Recurrent tonsilitis in dogs could be caused by teeth problems, or excess of tartar on the teeth.
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Go to the top of this page and click on forums, then ask a vet.  Maybe they can give you some ideas.
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Please keep the thoughts going, anyone.  These thoughts may help the vet find the reason for these reoccurences
Thank you Ginger. Tonsils removed, a couple teeth removed, didn't help.  I'm trying another vet (or our same) today, but it doesn't seem to help anymore.  She doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to move too much.  It's been a very expensive journey, but she's part of the family.

I copied this from Mich. State Vet summary:    ' Throat culture has been
positive for Pasteurella multocida, Staph spp., Strep spp in the past. Shes been treated on multiple occasions with antibiotics which sometimes seem to help. Macy has had dental extractions and tonsillectomy 2 years ago, which did not seem to change the frequency or intensity of her problems. '
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I have a shihtzu x maltese who is 6yrs old and she has chronic throat problems. Same as your dog with the antibiotics, they help but don't seem to completely clear the infection. My dog always has really disgusting bad breathe from her throat problems, always wanting to eat grass to soothe her throat and when throat gets really bad, she throws up alot. My vet suggested she may have stomach acid reflux and is now about to start her on the medication. I really hope they find out what is causing all these throat infections because it must be soooo horrible for the dogs. As for your dog acting like she hurts when she walks on wet grass - my dog does that too but its only because many dogs especially smaller ones hate getting their feet wet. (pretty sure it's not hurting them). keep us posted with your dogs progress and best of luck!
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