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Coconut Oil good for dogs.

I have been told coconut oil is good for dogs. I am told it repels fleas, helps with conditioning their skin and coats. I have a Great Pyranese that is nursing and she needs something for fleas. Has anyone else ever used it for their dogs. Dosage? Can cats use it too?
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Yes, coconut oil is beneficial for your dogs health. It helps a lot in their digestion, makes their coat shiners and softer. Coconut oil also prevents infection.
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Hi. Pure coconut oil (must be pure, for dogs) is a useful supplement for dogs. It can be given with food or (warmed slightly) rubbed into skin, particularly where there are patches of irritated skin or hair loss areas. A small amount goes a long way, so be cautious with it. Too much can lead to diarrhea. It is not particularly useful for fleas, though it will help with any irritated skin caused by fleas. You really need to use other more traditional remedies, because fleas lay eggs in the hair, so even if you get rid of the fleas, they will come back if the eggs aren't dealt with. Tony
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Can you give to kitties also? Do you give to dogs every day?
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By my understanding it can help prevent fleas but will not take them away I do recommend talking to your vet and getting the fleas treated for your dogs sake as well as the puppies.

Coconut oil is AMAZING! I have had ulcerative colitis for years and it's the only oil that I cook with. I feed my dog this and she is so shiny now (short hairs breed). She LOVES it. I can't even use it as a moisturizer with her around because she tries to lick me constantly.
It is amazing for digestive problems, allergies, coat health, and it provides that extra oil to the system to keep their skin nice and smooth.
I also use it as an additive to the food for any of my dog sitting clients who don't want to eat.

I read to use a tablespoon per 25lbs. I don't usually use that much. Always start lower and adjust it up over time because you don't want to cause your dog digestive upset from too much.
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