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Congestive Heart

Hi I have a 14 year old Chihuahua.  He was diagnosed with CHF an enlarged heart on on one side.  He has been on Lasix, Enalapril and Pepcid AC for 2 years + and his vet added Vedmedin and Spironolactone about a year ago. This past Feb. she added Cerenia and Mirtazapine. In the last year he has gone through 3 episodes of not eating and I took him in every day for 4-5 days to get fluids and the cerenia shot.  This really takes a lot out of him.  He sleeps a lot now and is not eating well again.  He is tired a lot.  He is losing weight and getting weaker.  Some days he is irritable.  He still has good days and enjoys being outside on the porch so it is not yet time to put him to sleep.  The vet told me a few different foods I can give him when he doesn't eat his can food.  White rice. chicken, peas, yogurt, cottage cheese, pasta, ground beef, pasta, salmon, tuna no salt added tomatoes made into a sauce. He needs to have the meat boiled but he doesn't eat this any more.  I hate to take him in for the shot because he is just so weak and tired.  It takes a lot out of him.  Yesterday he was not eating anything.  So I grilled a piece of steak and rinsed it off after wards.  He did eat this.  He eats a food for awhile and then he will not eat it anymore.  This morning he ate a little of his science diet can food.  I am tempted to give him grilled steak again but I am afraid this will upset his stomach this time.  I really don't know what else to give him.  I don't think we will have him too much longer.  If he gets too thin and weak I will put him tom sleep.  I will do it even though it will be hard to and I do not want to.  I will make myself do it if he is starving.  I think I will be able to tell because I have done this before with animals that had cancer.  I want to make his last days with us nice for him.  That is one reason why I want to give the grilled steak and maybe grilled chicken.  But if I can get him to eat something else it is ok for him to have I would love to give it to him.  So my question is what else can I give him to eat that is safe?  What else can I do to make his last days loving and easy, comfortable?  I am giving him a lot of attention and love, I am home with him all day so he is not by himself and I keep him close to me, but is there something else I can do or give him that I don't?  Or anything I can cook for him or buy for him or do for him?  Any thing anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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I am sorry to read about your struggles.  It sounds like you have been doing all you can for your dog.  He is on a lot of meds, add his health problems and his age and you have to realize he is nearing his end of life.  It is hard to watch and deal with, I understand.  What is his quality of life now?  Sometimes, it is best to let Nature take her course and just try to keep our beloved pets as comfortable as possible.  You might try getting some canned tripe which most dogs love and is nourishing.  Possibly get some type of white fish or canned sardines (in water) grind that up and add to his food. You can try grinding up some calf liver but give in small amounts as it can cause loose stool.  Wish I could be of more help.  Good luck.  
Thank you for telling me about the fish.. Last night and this afternoon he ate some of his can food.  So I am really happy about that.  
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