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Constant Itching

I have four dogs and all of them have been itching like crazy, generally at the base of their tails (low back).  I have a 10 month on pit bull/great dane mix who's been the worse. He's starting to have bloody patches that are turning into baldspots.  Over the last week he's also had quarter size bumbs/welts ALL over his body.

Like I said, all four are itching right above their tales CONSTANTLY but..the pit/dane is showing the most symptoms.  His behavior hasn't changed, although his appetite has. He got all 3 parvo/distemper shots as well as rabies. He's also been vomiting 5-10 times a day, it's always just small piles that almost look like thicker "saliva". Usually white-light yellow.

All four are going to the vet tomorrow for a check up and also to see why they are all itchy. My boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of yard work, and planting new flowers and stuff..I'm wondering if maybe they are all allergic to something?  Obviously I've already checked for fleas (first thing I did) and saw no sign of any..

Please help my poor itchy dogs :) !
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Maybe allergies, if symptoms just starting w/spring..summer time...the vet can give a shot that usually last all summer long...
How did the vet visit go??
Good Luck to ya and yours, give all the babies hugs!!! :o)
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Hi vet derm tech here and usually itchy around the tail is flea. If no fleas present then flea allergy. Anytime a dog has bumps and sores that is a bacterial infection and needs antibiotic! Not sure where you are but here in the US Walmart offers $4 generic cephalexin which is a good antibiotic for this type of infection and it will keep your costs down. I would say treat 4-6 weeks with antibiotic to be sure infection doesn't come back. Clear the infection, use a good flea shampoo and frontline every month year round!!!! if not already on it. Flea bomb the house to make sure they're gone. If not flea then have vet scrape for mange. Usually extreme itch is more sarcoptic mange and mites don't show always on skin scrapes but best to just treat by applying revolution immediately on all dogs at the same time, then re apply in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks again. This mange is contagious to humans (also called scabies) so if that is it check yourself for bites. If all that is ruled out then think allergies. Look for my earlier posts on this site about allergy tips. Good Luck.
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