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Constant vomiting- need advise ASAP

My dog has vomited at least 10 times within the last hour. At first it was brown and chunky (like his dog food) and now it's becoming more and more clear and mucus-like. Also, his nose isn't as wet and his gums and mouth are sticky, not slobbery like usual.  He is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix and he's almost 2. I've given him I've chips and water to try and keep him hydrated but he's just throwing it right back up. Also, since he's begun vomiting, I haven't given him any food. I don't know what I need to do but some advise ASAP would be great. Thank you
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He's Dehydrated! (Sticky gums)......In a small dog, dehydration is very dangerous......His vomiting could be caused by a number of things, too many to guess at...You need to head to his Vet for possible IV fluids ASAP, until they can figure out what's wrong......I wouldn't wait till tomorrow, by your description.....Please, let us know what you find out.....

Has he possibly  ingested something such as a toy, stick, rock, etc.....Your symptoms could be a blockage...

Or, is it possible that he has gotten into anything poisonous????

Not trying to scare you, but these are things you need to think about......Karla
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I agree with Karla wholeheartedly!
If he has vomited 10 times in an hour....and has sticky gums, he is dehydrated. Extreme vomiting causes dehydration. If he can't keep ice chips and water down he needs help very quickly. Emergency help for this will be IV fluids immediately, and possibly an anti-emetic drug while they find the cause of his upset.
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