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Cost of Bladder Stone Surgery

Please tell me what the average cost for bladder stone surgery is for a 22 lb shitzu?
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Hi there. I don't know the cost of bladder stone surgery, but I wanted to pass on some information, and a warning, that I hope will be helpful about this condition. A couple of months ago we lost our beloved 7-year-old lab to complications from bladder stones. She showed no symptoms at all of a bladder or urinary condition until early one Sunday morning when she was unable to urinate at all. We immediately took her to the vet, her bladder was drained and they did an ultrasound that clearly showed bladder stones. The vet thought the condition could be treated with meds (antibiotics) and a special acidic food that should dissolve the stones. During her vet visit she had an injected sedative, then as the exam got more physical she was given inhaled anesthesia, then before we took her home she was given an injected pain med. According to the vet, it was all very routine and no problems were anticipated, but several hours later our dog just stopped breathing. No one is sure what happened, but I suspect she either had a reaction to the meds or the anesthesia, or a combination of all three. I'm sure the vet did everything right, it was just one of those things. But my advice to you is, please, PLEASE if your dog has bladder stones, do something about it NOW. The chances of complications increase if the stones get too large and block urination. And often, damage is being done before you ever see symptoms. If your vet doesn't think that a special dog food made for this condition will help, and if he's recommending surgery, please schedule it right away, or you might face the loss of your dog.  It cost us $400 for that Sunday morning vet visit, but I'd have paid even more if she had just shown syptoms earlier than she did. The earlier something like this is detected and treated, either through diet or surgery, the more likely of a positive outcome.

And if surgery is recommended, and it's a little pricey for you, talk to your vet about payment arrangements. Most of them are willing to set up a payment schedule for things like this.

But again, please don't wait to do whatever the vet recommends. Our vet said those stones grow very, very fast and can cause a lot of discomfort, even if your dog isn't showing any symptoms.

Hope it all goes well for you and your dog.
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I have a 14lb yorkie dachshund mix who is almost 8 years old. She was just diagnosed with bladder stones (3 of them) and based off of the size and shape, the vet does not believe that they can be dissolved. The surgery estimate given is $1,600-2,000.

I hope that this helps and that your little pup feels better soon.
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I think the cost of something like that varies a lot, based on your location and even among different vets locally.  In my part of the US, you could probably get it done for less than $1000.  But if you were in New York City, I'm certain it would be a lot higher, maybe twice as high or even more.  Your vet who is proposing to do the surgery should be able to give you a pretty close estimate.  
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Just received an estimate to remove bladder stones from my bichon, range was 1450-2200 , debating on what to do as this is a major surgery and trauma for the dog to go through and the stones may reoccur .  I don;t think its fair to put my dog through this trauma and once you go down that medical path there is no turning back.  

Unfortunately they tell me diet is not an option to dissolve the stones at this stage.  
I really hope you didn't kill your dog over bladder stones ... Imagine if we thought of such a condition to be the end of the world for ourselves as humans - our lifespans would be minuscule compared to what they are, actually. Bladder stones are NOT a terminal illness, and they can be avoided in the future using an altered diet.
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In 2007, my bijon frise had surgery to remove stones caused by crystal (calcium oxcalate) buildup. Today, I took my dog in for a checkup and ended up with emergency surgery, for a second time for the exact same thing: to yet again, removes stones (as confirmed with X-rays). I have two questions:
1. Is $3,000-3,500 CDN the going rate for this kind of surgery (stones were in the bladder and penis) price includes all the X-rays, surgery, meds, tests, etc all in? (I have read half that rate is more like what it should be.) How can I price-shop for this sort of surgery and ensure I have a good doctor, and the same procedure at a fair price. (Going to a second vet for a 2nd opinion will cost me for a visit etc.)
2. My dog had been on a strict 'Urinary SO' food diet (only) since his last surgery and his PH today pre-surgery, was 8, in other words, the re-growth seems not to be diet related. Other than having him drink more water(?, seems like a lame answer, he drinks regularly, and how do you make him drink more anyway?) I thought we did everything right. I know bijons are pre-disposed to this but  what could we do to prevent a 3rd operation?
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I just had my Shih Tzu in today. An ultra sound showed a good sized stone that cannot be passed. It is highly unlikely it is one that could be dissolved.
Today was a $200 visit. He will need blood work & an xray before surgery.

The surgery estimate is $1,000-1300.
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$4,700 was the high end estimate here in Long Island, New York / $4,300 was the low end estimate.  Are they taking out his calcium stones and putting gold in?????????? I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm being overcharged!!!
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Hello & welcome.....Do you happen to have a Veterinary Teaching School in your area? All surgeries at Teaching Universities are about half of what a specialist charges.....Although students perform the surgery, they are VERY well supervised!

Your suspicion is correct! Good Lord, I DO believe your being overcharged! $4700 is a ridiculous amount for a common stone surgery.....I don't care where you live.....You need to shop around!

For the other above posters: These stones can grow so large that the bladder or Kidneys can explode! Opting out is NOT an option for any reason!

How to Drink more water? Add 1/2 canned food to the diet...Fresh fruits and vegetables are moisture rich, also.....Add them to his/her bowls daily...IMO eating only dry food is what creates this problem...That would be like us having to eat only cereal every meal for life! We'd be severely dehydrated, too!  Nothing to keep the kidneys & bladder flushed & hydrated...

I have a houseful of Bichons & Poodles (Every age, mostly Seniors).....We've never had a stone here, ever.....We don't eat dry food either, though!       Sandy, Good luck to you & your Baby...I hope it all turns out for him/her........Karla

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Wow, these surgery estimates are crazy.  My 10 year old male shih tzu just had surgery on Friday to remove several stones from his bladder. He went in Friday morning and stayed overnight and I picked him up at noon on Saturday.  

The total for his surgery was $286, this is including 13% hst in Ontario Canada.  The surgery itself was $222 plus $8 for a pain shot and $24 for a 2 week course of antibiotics post surgery.  I guess it depends where and who you go.

My little shih tzu is acting totally normal and was really only quiet for a day or two, he'll get his stitches out in 6 days, but overall he seems to be recovering and healing well.  The best part is that he runs out, pees and is done, no more squatting and dribbling for a long time.  He seems much happier too.
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My 13 lb  7 yr old bichon female had to have a cystotomy  done last year and the surgery itself was $169.00.  Of course then you have to add on the anesthesia, IV fluids, monitoring, etc.   The total for me was  was just over $300.00.  I opted for an ECG screen as well for $48. and to have them send the stone away for analysis which was additional $79.  This was in SE Georgia.  She has done well since and has been on a strict UD diet, but I know these dogs are predisposed to this condition, so we are really careful not to go off her diet.... no treats at all, just fresh veggies.  I wish you well.... Karen
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My 5yr old Bischon is in hosp again at Univ.of Penn Vet Hosp the second time in 18months. Upset because give proper follow up from the hosp about the type of stones which now they tell me are Strivate stones, this could of been avoided. The cost first time for surgery $3500, now new charges are$4500. With a change in diet and bottled water and follow up visits She wouldn't be in their again. I guess the Hipocratic Oath that doctors take don't apply to vets!

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I performed this task with no training took me 15 minuts to cean and restich.also found a dog hit by a car and i put him back together and he lived
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I just want to really have this one thing in mind with regards to the cost. I just would want to really make things work out in order to have it done. I just hoped that things would work out well in the future.
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My lhasa apsos has four bladder stones. My vet told me the cost is going to be $2000. I live in ontario, canada, could you please let me know where
i could find your vet

                               Thanks Karen
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so sorry, Tea42, I just noticed this now.

My vet was Yates Veterinary in Woodstock, Ontario.  Very reasonably priced.  Good luck
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just read your comment on the surgery of your dog.I am in the same situation with my yorkie/chih this the second surgery.First one cost 1700.00 this one prob the same her stones are calcium stones.How did you get your surgery so cheap? Are you in ontario?i am in mississauga ontario
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Yes, near Woodstock, Ontario,

I posted the info in the post right above yours,  Yates Veterinary in Woodstock.  It would be worth the drive for you.
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When responding to posts, PLEASE take note of the date on the original post that you are responding to!  This thread is over four years old and in all likelihood, the original poster has not been here for almost that long.  While we do have some dedicated regulars here, most people come in, post their question, read the responses, and move on.  They are certainly not going to be checking for responses after four years.  

If you have a question similar to the one in the original post, please start a new thread so that the question gets the attention that it deserves.  People are not likely to read an addition to a post that is several years old and your question is likely to go unnoticed.  To start a new thread, simply click the "Post A Question" button at the top of the page.  It will open up a box for you to type in and when you click the button to post what you have written, it will have opened a whole new thread dedicated strictly to your question.  New threads always get attention and you are then likely to get the answers that you seek.

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My terrior mix is having surgery today.  Estimated cost is $260 + antibiotics and pain meds. This is from a VERY reputible vet in GA.
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Actually, I disagree.  I did a google search for a problem I am having with my dog and this thread is very helpful.
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I live in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina (right outside of Myrtle Beach) and Coastal Animal Rescue does the bladder stone removal surgery for $375. This includes the antibiotics, pain meds and anti-inflammatory meds your dog will need while recouperating. They love animals and are a discounted clinic. It would be worth the trip to save thousands. Coastal Animal rescue is on Facebook and I think they have a website too. Good luck!
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My vet's estimate is SIGNIFICANTLY higher in Lawrenceville  Ga.  Where is your vet located at?  Thanks!
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Highway 5 Animal Hospital in Douglasville, GA just did bladder stone removal on my Havanese and it was $405.00 (includes surgery, lab analysis of the stone, antibiotics, and pain meds...tax not included).  I have to note, though, that the stone removal was performed during her spay procedure, so that might have something to do with the low price.  (Spay was an additional $112.50, just FYI.)
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My late wife's Yorkie, 5 healthy pounds and  eight years old, now requires a third $3,000 bladder surgery. The Vet says that her history of thes problem shows that her condition is genetic and every 2 1/2 to three years she needs surgery, he also said that no diet will ever stop the stones from being created. Also, there is no guarantee that she will survive a third surgery or any future needed surgeries.

Though I never had a dog or wanted one, my late wife really wanted a small dog. So now I am retired, and am planning to continue to live as I did before my wife passed away; being gone from home a lot to plaecs I can not take the dog with me. The recurring surgery costs and boarding costs of keeping the dog are a huge hit to my retirement income. So I am reaching the conclusinog to have her put to sleep.

Is there any one out there who has a similar situation and their Yorkie or small dog has survived multiple bladder surgeries?  
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